Monday, April 4, 2011

Am I Just OLD?

Hubby & I are big on Netflix, it is our thing.  Before Bubby (BB), we saw a lot of movies in the theater but Since Bubby (SB) - notsomuch.  We're not big on hiring a babysitter.  We had one for a few years but we used her so infrequently that I think she got over us.  Oops.  Anyway, Netflix!  So Friday night we had Love And Other Drugs.  It was my pick and Hubby was kind enough to watch it with me (he is so not the chickflick type and I would call this one chickflick).  Ok, maybe my expectations were too high but I (we) was not impressed!  Can you believe it?  AH & JG ... what more could you want?  Do you want to know what my problem was ... too much sex!  Really.  I think, if you took out the sex scenes, that movie would have been 45 minutes long.  The story was good, the characters were likable, AH & JG had great chemistry - it was believable, but after the second sex scene I found myself thinking, "ok, we get it, they have a lot of sex".  I even had Hubby ffwd thru a few of the scenes because I was over it (and he was too!).

Seriously, is this what happens when you get old?  I'm 38 people!  LOL

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  1. I don't think you're old. I've never really cared for sex scenes in movies. One? Sure. Even two I can deal with. But when the movie is all about the couple being in bed? Meh..I could watch pr0n for that.