Monday, April 14, 2014

Random Questions Blog Tag

50 Random Questions ...

I saw this on a Blog I frequent.  Here are my answers.

1:Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?
   Closed, I even make Bubby close his closet doors when 'not in use'.  Creepy.

2:Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotel?
   In nice hotels, so when I travel for work, yes.

3:Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out?

4:Have you ever stolen a street sign before?

5:Do you like to use post-it notes?
   Yes, work and home.

6:Do you cut out coupons but then never use them?
   Yes, often ... but I do use coupons every week!

7:Would you rather be attacked by a big bear or a swarm of a bees?
    Bees.  Bear Attack = Death.  I guess Bees could too, but lower risk.

8:Do you have freckles?

9:Do you always smile for pictures?
   Now I try to ... pre-braces, NO.

10:What is your biggest pet peeve?
     Arrogance.  Hands.  Down.

11:Do you ever count your steps when you walk?
     Yep, hello OCD.

12:Have you ever peed in the woods?

13:What about pooped in the woods?
      No, ick.

14:Do you ever dance even if theres no music playing?
     Yep, all the time.

15:Do you chew your pens and pencils?
     No, ick.

16:How many people have you slept with this week?
      Ha, Ha.  One.

17:What size is your bed?
      King.  Got it in January ... Love It!

18:What is your Song of the week?
     I don't have one ... I listen to Alternative Rock in car, old school (1980s and 1990s music) at gym.

19:Is it okay for guys to wear pink?

20:Do you still watch cartoons?
     If Bubby has them on, not often.

21:Whats your least favorite movie?
     So Many:  Cold Mountain, Titanic, Jerry McGuire ...

22:Where would you bury hidden treasure if you had some?
      Why would I bury it?  Um, graveyard.

23:What do you drink with dinner?

24:What do you dip a chicken nugget in?

25:What is your favorite food?
     Peanut Butter.

26:What movies could you watch over and over and still love?
      Practical Magic ... Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock, watch it!

27:Last person you kissed/kissed you?
     Hubby or Bubby this morning ... not sure which one was last.

28:Were you ever a boy/girl scout?
      Oh, yes.

29:Would you ever strip or pose nude in a magazine?
      No.  You are welcome.

30:When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper?
     A couple of years ago.

31:Can you change the oil on a car?

32:Ever gotten a speeding ticket?
     Several.  Shame.

33:Ever ran out of gas?
     Yes, once.

34:Favorite kind of sandwich?
     Peanut Butter.

35:Best thing to eat for breakfast?
     Overnight Oats (recipe below).

36:What is your usual bedtime?
      9:15 pm.  For Reals.

37:Are you lazy?
     Not at all, I have issues.

38:When you were a kid, what did you dress up as for Halloween?
     I remember going as Barbie or Jem a lot ... remember Jem?

39:What is your Chinese astrological sign?
     Huh?  Not my thing.

40:How many languages can you speak?
     Two:  English and Spanish.

41:Do you have any magazine subscriptions?
     Yes, too many.

42:Which are better legos or lincoln logs?
      Bubby would tell me to say Legos.

43:Are you stubborn?
     Not at all.

44:Who is better…Leno or Letterman?

45:Ever watch soap operas?
     Yes, for YEARS.  Not any more.

46:Are you afraid of heights?
     Yes, Oh God, Yes.

47:Do you sing in the car?

48:Do you sing in the shower?

49:Do you dance in the car?

50:Ever used a gun?
     No, not interested.

Overnight Oats (2 servings)

1 cup Quick Oats
1 tbsp Nut Butter (be generous)
3/4 cup Milk (maybe a dash more)
1 tsp Chia Seeds (must have!!!)
1 tsp Sugar (I use brown)

Pinch of chocolate chips for morning!

Mix together thoroughly and cover, place in fridge for the night.  In morning, scoop out half into microwave safe bowl, stir well, add a little milk and stir well again, microwave for 2 minutes.  Stir again, add a pinch of chocolate chips and desired amount of milk.  YUMMY!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

It's April and Other Random Notes

Happy April!

So, it appears I'm not the only one (see previous post re: annoying Facebook stuff) ...

MSN Facebook No - Nos

Anyway ...

Can it just hurry up and be shorts and sandal weather?  I am so ready.  I want to wear sundresses, eat and drink outside on a patio, sit at the pool, go out for frozen yogurt, drive with the windows down, etc.  I've been all about the Spring Cleaning the past week or so, even at work, so you know I'm desperate for some fun in the sun. 

Recently I:

Read This Book - VERY GOOD!

Saw This Movie - NOT BAD!

Started Watching This Again - SO BAD (hahaha)!

As I mentioned, I've been cleaning and organizing at work.  It's been fairly slow and the days have been dragging.  This won't last long.  Soon I'll be up to my eyeballs in paperwork and then our field and travel season will hit.  We have a early June vacation planned (road trip!) and then my - work - field and travel season will hit.  Bubby will be in Sports Camps all Summer (again) and this year we plan on joining our neighborhood pool.  I'll start doing more morning work outs to free up my evenings and I'll try to eeek out a little time with friends.  Ahhhh, Summer!  I'm ready!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

In A Mood ...

So I'm in a mood.  I'm actually fairly happy as of late, the sun is shining today and I have a nice bit of walking planned for this afternoon while Bubby is at soccer practice.  I love it when I can exercise outside!  We're in Spring Break mode here this week and I enjoyed the first half with my little guy and now Hubby is enjoying the second half with him.  When we don't vacation during Spring Break, we split it up so that we each get some time off but neither of us has to burn through too much vacation time.  It works for us.

I digress, so I'm in a mood.  Not a BAD mood.  Just a mood.  I'd say I'm finding myself irked by some things lately.  Just irked, not pissed off, not hurt or mad or angry, just irked.  In an almost comical, roll my eyes and chuckle way.  Facebook has been the vehicle for most of the irk inspiration, truth be told.  So here is my list.  No offense to those guilty of these things, I would bet that I have been guilty of these things as well and I would also bet that many of my Facebook friends could provide a lengthy list of my grievances that have left them irked a time or two.  So, ya know, just sayin' ...


Please make it stop.  The constant selfies.  I'm so over it.  Sure, ya got a new haircut, show us.  Your kid does something cute, no problem.  You made a really good umbrella drink, post the pic.  HOWEVER, the several a day pictures of JUST YOU, holding out your phone, showing the world your outfit, your same every day hair - makeup - work desk - morning coffee, etc.  Gag.  I have this Facebook friend, a nice woman.  Someone I knew several years ago who now lives out of state and I only communicate with via Facebook.  Every day she posts probably 5 selfies.  Every.  Damn.  Day.  Overload.

Look At Me, Retro Excuses Pictures

OhMyGod can people (women) please stop with the My House is an Episode of Hoarders Because I'm Too Busy Living My Wonderful Life posts.  Please.  You know the ones, "my kids don't have clean underwear or socks but we're happy because we sat around the fireplace roasting marshmallows all day so I'm a better mom than YOU because you obviously care more about laundry than being a mother", posts.  Housekeeping not a priority for you?  Cleaning the shower tops your list of cruel and unusual punishments?  Good for you.  Not judging.  But please, spare me your silly cartoons EVERY time I turn around.  Once in a while is a good laugh, I get it.  Once a week, sorry but kinda annoying.  Truth.  Any of the picture posts that basically imply that anyone that doesn't share your value (or lack thereof) for housekeeping, working out, eating right, etc., is either a bad mother, superficial, or insecure.  Yeah, those. 

Vicarious Living Through Ones Kids

This one is a little more serious and not really Facebook related.  So Bubby plays competitive soccer.  He loves it and we try to support him (read: tolerate it).  Neither Hubby nor I played soccer.  In fact, I am the least athletic person alive, quite possibly.  Now, this requires understanding my definition of athleticism.  I'm fit, I like to be active, but I am NOT athletic.  I'm uncoordinated.  I am SO not competitive (I hate competition, I run the other way, you win, done).  I get bored easily.  I like to change things up.  I'm wimpy.  My reasons (read: excuses) go on and on and on.  Hubby, however, was an athlete growing up.  The usual American Boy sports ... basketball, football, baseball, track, etc.  Hubby loves to watch games on tv or in person.  He likes to play sports with Bubby and makes being active a priority as well.  Hubby, though, is not all that competitive either.  For him, it's more about fun.  So I don't know what happened, because Bubby is UBER competitive.  Thus, competitive soccer at only 10 years old.  This past year, he switched soccer clubs and tried out for a great team.  When he made the team, he was over the moon.  We were too until we looked at the schedule and price tag.  Ouch.  Alas, we do what we gotta do for our kids (the price tag explains the no trip Spring Break).  Overall his teammates are nice kids with nice parents.  A few of them (parents), though ... yikes!  Talk about living vicariously through your kid(s).  It might be comical if it weren't so sad and sort of pathetic.  Recently we had a team meeting and two things that the coach said were very telling: 1) when surveyed, kids said that the worst part of losing a game was the car ride home with mom and dad (seriously?) AND 2) please, parents, keep control of your tempers during games and do not interact with the parents of the opposing team(s).  Good Grief.

Gee, I feel so much better now that I have that off my chest.  I'm off to annoy people on Social Media now. 



Thursday, March 13, 2014

Stuff I'm Diggin!

The seasons are a changing (I hope) and I can tell that I'm a bit restless.  I've had a little time during my lunch hour lately, so I've been able to do some web surfing and YouTube watching.  I can tell when I've spent too much time with the male species (at work and at home), I start to crave Girl Stuff ...

Style and Makeup Blogs/Vlogs

I have spent many lunch hours over the past few weeks mindlessly watching YouTube videos and perusing style-type blogs.  Here are a few that I am into:

Emily Noel on YouTube
This gal is great on camera and I love her inexpensive dupes for makeup counter products, she is very honest about which products work on-the-cheap and which products one should shell out more $ for.

Getting Gorgeous
This site is run by two Mommy Bloggers (for lack of a better term) and each have their own blog as well.  They have some vlogs together that are fun, sort of like hanging out with your girlfriends and dishing on makeup, clothes, home goods, etc. 

Beauty and Style

Speaking of beauty and style, I've found some new things and have pulled out some old favorites in recent days as the promise of Spring Days is in the air.  My splotchy, pale, winter skin has gone away with the help of my favorite drug store self tanner/moisturizer.  My face has a bit of a glow as well thanks to an inexpensive highlighter I read about in my last Redbook and found at Ulta.  A friend of mine hosted a Stella & Dot Trunk Show a few weeks ago and I treated myself to an early Mother's Day present - a silver chain and Mother charm (I'll be adding more!).  Finally, I was in DSW a few months ago and found the cutest pair of casual sneakers.  The best part is that they are Dr. Scholl's, are ultra comfortable, and have arch support built in!  So I've been wearing these every chance I get lately.  I think I may need some new boyfriend jeans and a few new tee shirts or lightweight blouses in order to get maximum use of them ...

Nivea Sun-Kissed Radiance, Target

Essence Highlighter in Sun Light, ULTA

Stella & Dot
Dr. Scholl's Jennie Sneaker, DSW


A few years ago I read Austenland by Shannon Hale.  Cute book, perfect for a lazy afternoon, especially if you are an Austen lover like myself.  A few weeks ago I was browsing the Netflix website, updating my Que, when I saw that Austenland was made into a movie starring Keri Russell (must have been straight to video?) so I added it to my Que.  I had a rare weeknight free recently and I watched it ... SO CUTE.  Well Done.

The Americans

Speaking of Keri Russell, Season 2 of The Americans started a couple of weeks ago.  It is Hubby and My one hour of must watch TV (together) during the week.  SO GOOD.  It is on FX on Wednesday nights.  Warning: not kid friendly AT ALL.
So that's about all I have.  I just received Bubby's Spring Travel Soccer schedule today and it looks like we'll be driving all over the state on the weekends for the next few months ...  HAPPY SPRING!

Friday, March 7, 2014

The Last Year

Wow, has it really been over a year since my last post?  Crazy.  About a month ago a friend asked me if I still wrote on my blog.  I answered honestly, but since then I've kicked around gearing up to regular posting again.  I've also found a few new blogs that I love, so that has probably kicked up my motivation as well.  We shall see how it goes, but here's an update on What's New With Lou (eye roll) ...


My Guys

Things are good with Hubby and Bubby.  Hubby finished his MBA in September and that has been great.  No more planning our nights and weekends around his school work-load.  It was a major accomplishment, he did a phenomenal job (all As, save one B), but we are all so happy that it is over.  Bubby is a 4th Grader and that is a crazy mind trip.  My baby is 10.  That makes me both happy and sad at the same time.  He's a great kiddo and most days I want him to stay my little guy ... other days I can't wait until we ship him across the country for college.  Anyway, he is his father's boy and is sports crazy, so that takes up a lot of our time.  He started playing competitive/travel league soccer this past fall and wow does that take up all of our free time.  Spring soccer has just begun, so here we go again.  Not sure what travel league during a Colorado spring will hold in store.  Basketball is winding down and I have to say what I never thought I would say - I LOVE BASKETBALL.  When Bubby plays, that is.  Another thing he got from his daddy, some mad skills on the basketball court.  The kid's a natural at this game.  Brag - Brag - Brag.



I have to report that 40 has come with a mixed bag of personal pros and cons.  On the emotional and mental front, 40 has been good.  I really think that I've hit that place in my life where my give a damn done busted.  Let me clarify, I feel like I still care about the things and the people that are important, I'm still a good friend and I'll stand by those worth standing by.  However, for those that don't do much more than drain my energy, I just don't give of myself as I use to ... and I'm much happier for it.  Physically, 40 has been a bit of a downer.  In the form of 7 pounds all around my mid-section.  As I've stated here before, I'm a Weight Watchers girl.  I credit Weight Watchers for a 65 pound weight loss roughly 5 years ago.  I continue to follow the maintenance program for Weight Watchers and have no plans to stop.  Simply said, it works for me!  But.  Actually my butt, pardon the bad joke, within a few months of hitting 40, having changed NOTHING, I started to notice the scale nudge up a pound here, a pound there.  At first I brushed it off as nothing, scales go up and down a bit, water retention, more muscle mass, yada - yada - yada.  7 pounds is hard to deny though, especially when my favorite (notsocheap) Hudson Jeans are about 2 lbs away from occupying the dreaded spot on my top closet shelf (to gather dust).  Depressing.  So, I'm at the drawing board, trying some new things, trying to cut back on my calorie intake a bit, introducing some new things to my workouts (running!).  I can accept the 7 pounds ... I just don't want to make it to 10 or 15 pounds.


Friday Afternoons

Work is still work, but overall things are good.  One big change is that I have been taking off early on Friday afternoons and it has been AWESOME.  I try to leave work about 2 hours earlier on Fridays and almost always use that time for grocery shopping and errand running.  Super exciting it is not, but it really helps me.  I HATE grocery shopping with Hubby and/or Bubby, but when I am able to go alone and have plenty of time to peruse the aisles, I actually enjoy it.  I'm still, most weeks, a one stop shopper, which means I continue to shop at Super Target.  Unless I need a specialty item, Super Target usually has what I need and I love that I can use my Debit Red Card and the Cartwheel app for savings!  Plus Bubby's school gets a kick back of whatever I spend.  Score!



Now some random notes! 

Red Wine and White Trash Beer 

My tastes are evolving, apparently.  In the last year or so, I have developed a taste for all variations of red wine.  I use to be a strictly white wine girl, then I was introduced to Malbec a few years ago.  More recently I've begun to appreciate a nice red blend or a Cabernet.  I'm having fun trying a new glass here and there.  This past summer, I also discovered that I like a good domestic (cheap) beer on a hot day/night.  Miller Light is my favorite, but I can go for a Coors or Bud or even a PBR, on occasion.  Who would have thought it?  Never say Never, girls.


I've read some great ones over the past 12 months ... here's a snippet:  The Storyteller by Jodi Piccoult, Lies You Wanted to Hear by James Whitfield, The Lost Wife by Alyson Richman, The Paris Wife by Paula McLain, The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty, The Accidental Husband by Jane Green and Mad About The Boy (Bridgette Jones is back!) by Helen Fielding.  That's some good reading, there.


Chalk it up under the "who am I kidding" column, but a couple of years ago I decided to grow out my thick - coarse - heavy hair.  In August it was roughly 2 inches below my shoulders and I had no intention of cutting it.  Then I spent a weekend with my BFF and saw a woman at a park with, seriously, the best short hair.  Ever.  BFF urged me to accost the poor woman and snap a few pictures.  A few weeks later, most of my hair wound up on my stylist's floor.  I love it.  I shall never go back to long hair (note to self!).