Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Domestic Goddess?

Not.  I.

Let's talk domestic chores that I HATE/DETEST/RESENT!  First, though, let me preface with telling you that I'm a neat freak.  Well, maybe that is simplifying things ... I have major OCD.  I have issues with any mess in my house or car.  I never leave an empty Starbucks cup in my car (there are trash cans everywhere, people!), you won't show up to my house and find laundry in baskets in the living room or dishes in my sink.  I.  Have.  Issues.  Having said that, here is a list of domestic chores that I severely dislike ... I do them, but I am p-od the entire time.

Yard Work!  Hate.  It.  I am fortunate that Hubby does the mowing and other lawn upkeep, but I am responsible for weeding, flower planting (minimal), shrub trimming, etc.  We both tackle leaf removal (major job as we have many mature trees).  My friends that love to garden and talk gardening, well they've lost me within 2 minutes of discussion.  I buy mostly pre-potted annuals for the spring/summer and veggies/herbs come from the Safeway down the street.  Fresh herbs for that culinary masterpiece ... um, not!  Which leads me to ...

Cooking!  Boring.  I do - do it, but I don't typically enjoy it.  I will get in a baking zone in the fall and create some yummy breads, cakes & cookies and I love the crock pot ... but anything else is a chore that I would rather see finished.  If I were a single gal, I would live on cereal and Lean Cuisine and be very happy.

Unloading the Dishwasher!  I can't explain why this task irritates me so.  It takes like 3 minutes.  Again, I do it because I can't stand dirties in the sink, but I am not a nice person for those 3 minutes.  Ask Hubby, he does it mostly because he doesn't like That Woman.

Shower/Tub Cleaning!  Fortunately I only have one set that needs cleaned regularly.  Our second - guest shower is not used often, so I mostly leave it go.  Why is cleaning a shower/tub combo such a daunting task?  I feel like I've stood under the sprinkler when I'm finished.  I do this with as little clothing on as possible to avoid water-logg, but I always manage to feel like I walked through a car wash afterwards.  I have discovered that keeping a large plastic cup on the tub edge, to fill and rinse the tub after baths, helps the tub stay cleaner longer.  Those daily shower sprays?  Meh

There are other, more infrequent tasks I dislike ... cleaning the oven, emptying the fridge and freezer once every 10 years and cleaning, ironing, vacuuming under heavy furniture, hunting cobwebs, etc. - but you get the gist.  Oh and by the way ~ I don't sew, I am not crafty, and I started a scrapbook for Bubby when I was 8 mos pregnant and haven't touched it since.  My poor mother, she did all of those things plus made her own wine!

So, how about your Domestic Goddess status?  Are you a lover of laundry?  A cooking contessa?  A vacuuming vixen?  LOL


  1. I HATE washing dishes by hand, but I also dislike unloading the dishwasher. I love to cook, but it loses its appeal doing it 3 times a day. I DESPISE cleaning the shower, but have no issues cleaning the toilet.
    You will almost always find a basket of laundry somewhere in my house. Yep.

  2. I only wash pots and pans by hand ... everything else must go in dishwasher. We have the ss pots and pans that become dull if you put them in the dishwasher (Hubby still does). Me too - the toilet is so much easier & quicker than the shower.

    Oh, the joys of the never ending To Do List!