Friday, April 29, 2011

It's Friday! Woot! Random Thoughts ...

Pardon my ramblings today, I don't have any one thing that I want to share.  Just a bunch of nonsense!

The Royal Wedding!  I did not get up at 4 am (or whenever it was on MT) and watch.  However, I did eat my Special K and drink my two cups of Java in front of the tv this morning and caught lots of coverage on the morning shows.  LOVED Kate's dress.  LOVED.  IT.  Is she fabulous or what?  Her sister also looked great in her dress.  Good genes, those two.  William looked good, but I'm more of a Prince Harry gal. 

TGIF!  I am taking the afternoon off, and people I am so excited to ... wait for it ... run errands!  Yes, you read that right.  I will spend my four hours after work and before Bubby pick-up driving all over our lovely town dashing in and out of stores and offices doing all that fun stuff that for some reason - only I can do, apparently.  Groceries!  Mall!  Shoe Store!  Library!  Oye!  The weather is to be nice, though, and I plan on grabbing a quick lunch somewhere - that I didn't pack or make.  Woot!  Hey, this is my life and I take my fun where I can get it.

Pap Smear!  That cleared the room (of all males, anyway - yeah right, like any males read this blog).  So I had my annual exam last week.  Fun.  Times.  All went well and I haven't thought of it since.  Typically I get a postcard in the mail about 10 days later saying that 'the test was negative and see you next year'.  Yesterday when I got home, though, there was a message on the machine asking me to call the office.  Well, just in case you haven't figured this out yet - in addition to being totally OCD, I am also a hypochondriac!  Thus began the mental freak out.  Then I called and had to leave a message for the nurse and then waited for HOURS (ok, like 25 minutes) for her to call me back.  Drum roll ... my pap smear was BLANK.  NO.  CELLS.  NOTHING.  ???  The nurse said she wasn't sure what happened but that I needed to come back for another pap and oh, as a token, it will be free.  Gee, thanks.  LOL  Free Stuff is usually much appreciated, but not this.

I have much more that I could share, but that is probably enough for the moment.

Have a great weekend, y'all!

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