Friday, August 26, 2011

Love In Mid Air by Kim Wright

I just finished a great book ... Love In Mid Air by Kim Wright.  I saw a blurb on this fab site Chicklit Is Not Dead and thought it looked good, I always like to try new authors.  I even suggested it to my book club and they went for it (they were happy with food & wine ... easy!).  A brief synopsis:  Elyse is a married mom of one, she lives a nice suburban life which consists mostly of lunching and walking around the track with her close (also book club) friends and making pottery in her garage.  She occasionally sells her pottery at art shows and on the flight home from one, she meets a handsome man who (gasp) listens to her, finds her interesting and attractive, and quite quickly proposes an affair.

Love In Mid Air is a quick read that had me hooked early on.  Elyse and her friends were very real characters and could have been any of my friends (and book clubbers) ... their lives were eerily familiar and the author really got it.  It really annoys me in books or movies when an affair is had and I just don't see why ... like I question why the cheating partner is doing it, why he or she is risking everything, but in this case I really understood Elyse and even though I would hope that I wouldn't make the same choice that she did, I got it.

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