Friday, August 19, 2011

So Annoying!

I love me some Super Target.  When our moderately sized city with a small town feel got our Super Target a few years back, I was in heaven.  Lunch meat!  Toothpaste!  Yoga pants!  Books!  Toilet paper!  All from one store, woot.  Super Target is where I typically do my weekly shopping.  I get online and print their coupons, I make my list and I am done with my weekly stock-up in about an hour.  Yeah, Me.  I often do this on Friday afternoon.  I get it done before the weekend crowd hits, our pantry and fridge are stocked up and we can move on to better (?) things.  However, anyone with half a brain would stay away from Super Target on the Friday before school starts right?  Well I never claimed to have half a brain.  What a total zoo! 

Often Super Target trips are quite therapeutic for me ... I can get a coffee at Starbucks, get sidetracked in the clothes and accessories, stop off in housewares and oggle the lamps and doodads, maybe peruse the nail polish and try to find a color that I don't actually already own (yes, Hubby, there are still a few), etc.  Notsomuch today, peeps.  Yowzers every Tom, Dick and Harry Junior in this burb gathered at Super Target today ... just to irritate the doody out of me.  And, ya know, parents frantically snapping up that 24 pack of Crayolas and enough tissue boxes to soak up the snot of a small European Nation ... well, those parents, they aren't in the best of moods and they aren't worried about blocking your path to the Quaker granola bars for 5 minutes. 

Gotta love suburbia!  Speaking of which, have you seen this yet ... this looks totally fab! 


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