Thursday, September 29, 2011

Secret Shames

Do you have any Secret Shames?  I have plenty!  Well, maybe they aren't so secret, but I have a whole list of things that are total garbage for the brain or body that I just have to indulge in sometimes.  Judge me if you will, I'm a weak - weak - woman.

My newest Shame is Dirty Soap on E!  I'm sorry, but for an ex-soap junkie like me ... Days Of Our Lives (DOOL) being the habit of choice, I just had to check this out when it premiered Sunday night ... it is cast with mostly current or past DOOL stars and I was intrigued.  Well, let me tell you, it did not disappoint.  Good.  Stuff.  Maynard.  Total useless, mind rotting, silly fun.  I can't wait for more.  The BIG question is what happened between one time DOOL bffs Kirsten Storms (Belle) and Farah Fath (Mimi)????

Shame number two ... Keeping Up With The Kardashians!  Now, before you write me off as just another reality tv bimbo, let me say that Keeping Up (and all the spin-offs) and Dirty Soap are my only two reality addictions unless you count HGTV.  I don't watch Big Brother, The Bachelor makes me wanna puke, Amazing Race - BORING, not even a regular Biggest Loser watcher (good show, but I can pass).  For some reason, though, a few years back I was flipping through the channels and happened upon an early episode of Keeping Up and was instantly intrigued.  That mother ... what a fame monger, Kim ... what a princess, Bruce ... what happened to his face?, Kourtney and Khloe ... what a hoot!!!  I love Khloe, she's my fave, she ROCKS.  They may have American scratching their heads ... but they make for good tv watching.

I think this is a question older than time ... Why does something so bad for you have to taste so darn good?  I'm talking my favorite fizzy, chemically constructed, will take acid off a battery or paint off metal, all time love ... Coke!  I know it is terrible and I have cut way back (I keep repeating it on this blog because it is true!) but I can't seem to shake it completely and really, I'm not sure I want to try.  What.  An.  Addict.  And, no, Pepsi is not the same ... eye roll.

One more culinary treasure that I'm a bit ashamed to mention.  Pork Rinds.  Yes, really.  OMGosh the salty sensation.  Mix them with the Coke and we have pure bliss.  I try not to think about what they are, how they re created, etc.  I just sit down and put the bag away.  Ohhhhhhh.  Come to mama, you salty little oinkers.

Finally, I have to tell you that I dream of a weekend where all I do is drink Coke, eat Rinds, watch E! and read ... Romance Novels.  I'm not sure just how much shame I feel, though.  Not too much.  Well, let me explain.  I have no shame over reading them (and I have and always will consume them in great quantities) but I do experience a bit of red face if I'm caught with one of the really explicitly covered bodice rippers.  Those can be a bit (a lot) cheesy and I do tend to leave those at home.  Romance Novels a just a good time, people.  I'm a hopeless romantic and I like me some witty dialog and chemistry and hot men.  So sue me.

So, come on ... dish ... tell me about your Secret Shames!


  1. I watch the Bachelor, the Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad. I am probably missing some brain cells because of it, but I can't stop. Someone make me stop....

  2. You are forgiven ... go forth in shame ...