Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Being a Mom is a wild ride, isn't it?  Yesterday I was completely annoyed with Bubby.  I should have been annoyed with myself, really.  When you have an only child, it is very easy to do everything for them ... notsogood.  It is especially easy for me as I am a perfectionist and control freak and like everything to be just so ... and it is usually just easier and quicker to do it myself.  So I do.  Bad, Bad, Bad idea.  Unfortunately I have a monster of my own creation, an almost 8 year old Frankenstein that tends to dump his crap everywhere and expects that Mom will come along and take care of it (she does).  Oops.  So, anyway, I was annoyed yesterday as this all has come to a bad conclusion and now I have to figure out how to un-do the damage.  Another mothering lesson learned.

Today, though, I am feeling quite happy and lovey towards my only child.  He turns 8 on Friday and I can't even begin to believe it!  Where did 8 years go?  Here, the blog-iverse needs some random cuteness today ...

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