Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Little Effort, Please!

Holy Wow!  I spent yesterday at The Colorado Farm Show.  Fun.  Times.  I have the honor one day each year, I guess that isn't too bad, but what a LONG day.  However, there is one bright spot which leads me to today's rambling ...  People Watching!  Goodness does The Colorado Farm Show provide for some fascinating people watching.  Ok, I'm just gonna say it ... I don't think I've ever experienced that many unattractive people under one roof.  If that makes me beeyatchy, so be it.  Also, if anyone needs proof of the obesity epidemic in this country ... you can go witness it today and tomorrow from 9 am to 5 pm in Greeley, CO.  Just sayin ...

Let me just say that I believe that I am of average looks AT BEST.  Just so you don't think that I walk around thinking I'm ALL THAT.  Currently I am battling a case of adult acne and wanting to throw a rock at every mirror I pass.  Having said that, I believe that one works with what one has got ... I try to work with it most days (I may take an occasional Sunday to grunge it up ... those days I almost always run into my old hs crush in town - TRUE DAT).  I've always been what I call a 'Hair and Makeup Girl' ... I feel better with some spray and paint and so I take the time.  Listen, if I were blessed with gorgeous skin, fabulous features and un-wonky hair, I'd be a little more Colorado Hippie Chick ... but I'm not.  I have a good friend, Mary, who is that blessed ... perfect peaches and cream skin with a light dusting of freckles, beautiful bright green eyes, thick strawberry blond hair that goes easily up in a casual chignon, etc.  I hate  envy her.  Having said that, she still makes an effort with herself (she bathes!  her clothes!).  Yesterday, I saw what a complete lack of effort does for a person (mostly talking women here).  I saw women MY AGE walking around in pajama bottoms and I questioned if they even brushed their teeth before leaving the house (I didn't get close enough to find out).  I saw a plethora of mullets, overhanging beer guts, mall bangs, and all sorts of outfits from the 1980s (and not the cool retro stuff that is making it's way back). 

Someone explain this to me, please.  I find it very fascinating.  I think I might go back to school, get a sociology or psychology degree and write my dissertation on why people (women) completely give up on making an effort!  If you go out in public in pajama pants, a dirty tee shirt and w/o any grooming ... unless you are making a quick run for diapers or milk, then you have given up.  I just wanna know why ...

                                                                                                   Thank You!

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