Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cleaning House ... Emotionally!

Saturday night, Hubby and I had every intention of being Good Catholics (notsomuch) and attending Mass.  Our Mass attendance over the past 6 mos or so has been dismal.  In an effort to not appear as total hypocrites to our Bubby, we should probably work on that ... you know, not making him attend weekly Catechism classes and then being too "busy" (read: lazy!) to go spend an hour in God's House ourselves.  Oops!  So, anyway, Saturday ... yes, every intention of going to church.  Woot.  Then I got a call from my friend asking if Bubby could come over to play with her kiddos that afternoon while she and her hubby cleaned house.  That's what happens when your kids get a little older, having a play date at your house becomes a good thing ... the other kid entertains yours and viola - you get an hour to yourself.  Love.  It.

Hubby and I dropped him off and went computer shopping.  We arrived back at their house with just a little time to spare before we needed to haul tushy across town for Mass.  All.  Good.  Yeah, notsomuch ... our friends then persuaded us to skip church.  They tempted us with promises of pizza and wine (ladies) and pizza and beer (men).  The kiddos were having such a great time, the men promptly started playing some darn video game, and what did we ladies do?  We cleaned house.  No, really.  I am one of those freaks of nature that actually likes cleaning ... especially someone else's house.  No, I am not drunk as I type this.  First off, you don't have to stick around and watch it get messed up again, you get to use new products (I'm a household cleaner product junky ... the greener, the better) and your friends will reward you in wine, chocolate, lattes, etc.  What a great racket!

Anyway, we had a good time.  We didn't make it to church, but I got some girlfriend time, so it is all good ... I think we're forgiven.  Helping her clean her physical house did inspire me, though, to think about cleaning my emotional house.  We had a long chat while waiting at the pizza place and this dawned on me.  How deep am I?  But, really, I need to do some housekeeping in that part of my life.  I've been struggling with some relationships lately.  I have some emotional weight that I need to shed.  I made a start by spending an afternoon with one of my older sisters a few weeks ago (we've been estranged) and it was a great experience, a really positive thing that has helped lift some weight from my shoulders.  I still have more to go.  I'm almost 39 years old and I am tired of being a doormat, I am tired of being taken for granted and I am tired of imbalance.  So, here's to cleaning house in 2012!

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