Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Positive Thoughts!

I've been a bit of a Negative Nelly, lately, haven't I?  Sorry.  I want to defend myself and say that people need to just stop pissing me off, but that isn't really how it works, I'm told.  So!  Apologies!  Happy Thoughts!  Yeah, Me!

Things that have made me happy recently or are currently making me happy ...

~  I turned 39 on Sunday!  Really, I'm ok with it.  Hubby and I went out for a FABULOUS dinner on Saturday night (the scale confirmed how FABULOUS this morning) and then met up with some friends for a quick drink.  Then, on Sunday, I had a wonderful ME day ... I worked out early, came home to a message on the voicemail from my 80-ish aunt and uncle singing Happy Birthday to Me, and went to a matinee all by myself (one of my fave things to do ... go to the movie ALONE).  Woot!

~  I have a new bag, it is a great casual-hippie chick-yogaesque number and I got it on SALE.  Seriously, I smile every time I sling it over my shoulder.  Ahh, the simple pleasures in life.

~ January is almost over!  Although it is Bubby's B-Day month as well as mine, January is always a drag around here.  Work is a drag after the holidays, the weather is typically obnoxious (wind!), the holiday let down, etc.  So I am thrilled that January is almost in the past and am happily looking forward to February.

~ My Bubby is a total smart-ass and when he isn't royally pissing me off, he has me in stitches.  Where did he get this talent?  Oh, yeah, from Dad!  Maybe a little from me too.  I need to start writing down his little gems.  Here is one ... the other day I was folding a blanket that he had snuggled under and then left in a wad on the couch.  I am always folding blankets (vaulted ceilings in Colorado) or picking up crumbs or straightening chairs or wiping up sludge or cleaning the toilets ... just so you know.  I digress, I was folding the blanket AGAIN and was griping to him about his messiness (he is 8, I think it is time that we do some bud-nipping) and he looked at me - completely serious - right in the eye - and said, "Oh, I'm sorry, I thought that was your thing!".  No.  Kidding.  Hubby and I about died.  Seriously, where does he get this stuff?  I'll come back with more when I remember them.  I need to wear a tape recorder around this kid.

~ My bff is coming to visit this weekend, total WOOT!  Not sure what we will do ... there will be wine and chocolate and shopping.  I love it that our kids are of an age that we can tell them to scram (inside the same house) and basically ignore them except to toss food and drink their way every few hours.  Yeah, Us!

Ok, so positive post today - CHECK!  Go forth and spread the joy.

                                                               Go See This Movie!

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