Monday, February 13, 2012

Love ~ Love ~ Love

Happy V-Day!  Hugs and Kisses (chocolate!) and All That.  Truthfully, I'm not a huge V-Day fan.  Oh it is fine, I don't get uber crazy at the onset and hate the world, but I find it overrated, truth be told.  Once, back in our college days, Hubby (was Boyfriend at the time) was really sick on V-Day and I was all upset and there was drama and it was silly and ever since, well I just don't get too ramped up.  Hubby and I typically celebrate by going out for a long lunch and exchanging a little something.  Since the law of numbers means that V-Day is often on a week day and since we are such creatures of habit (nothing and nobody better screw with our weeknight routine), we like to have a nice long lunch somewhere yummy w/o the Bubby and then have a nice dinner with the Bubby that night (he gets a little something too).  That's about it, it works for us.

However!  In honor of the day ... I'm thinking of other things that I love.  Maybe things that I love too much.  Maybe one would call these addictions ... if one was a moron and wanted smacked upside the head.  I will stick to Things I Might Like A Little Too Much ...

Lately my coffee drinking has reached a crazy all time high.  For a long time I was a one cup a day girl (stomach issues made that so).  About a year ago I started enjoying two cups most mornings.  Today I had two cups at home and am now considering walking next door for another.  It isn't even that I NEED it ... that I'm sleep deprived and have to have the caffeine jolt.  Nope, I just love it.  So, I'm probably averaging three cups a day as of late and I just read in O Magazine or Redbook (not sure which one ... read them both this weekend ... cover to cover) that studies show many benefits of even two or three cups a day.  Woot!  My latest fave is a Skinny - Flat - 1/2 English Toffee Latte. 

Peanut Butter!
I may have mentioned that I'm a big fan of this stuff before.  Thank God that Bubby does not have an allergy ... I can't even imagine.  I have had a love affair with peanut butter (Jiff, specifically) since childhood.  I could probably eat it every meal of ever day.  Stuck on a desert island?  Do I have a jar of Jiff and some wheat bread?  I'm good ... oh, and that latte I mentioned. 

Dove Dark Chocolate!
A couple of years ago, while hitting the Weight Watchers hardcore, I discovered dark chocolate.  Well, what I discovered was that with a little encouragement (fewer calorie points!) dark chocolate became much more appealing than milk chocolate.  I always have a hidden stash for those cravings.  Sometimes I mix up the brands or the % cacao ... but my favorite is always the individual Doves.  The little sayings on the wrappers make me smile too.

This one is probably the most hazardous to my health (and my marriage).  OMGosh am I a shopaholic!  The only thing that saves me is that I am a bargain hound and have (mostly) inexpensive taste.  I always have a coupon.  Remember those Hudson Jeans I admired pre-holidays?  Got Them.  BUT ... got them brand new at half the swanky boutique price.  Woot ~ Ebay!  Before you become ill, note that you can find some great prices on New With Tags (never been worn) stuff on Ebay.  Not that I don't buy secondhand, but I have something about buying stuff off Ebay that has been worn ... if I can look at it in a store, no problem ... but 'sight unseen' (don't trust their pics) ... I gotta have NWT.  Anyway, I have been doing quite a bit of shopping lately and I do think that maybe I need to reign it in a tad.  Any suggestions?  Hold on, let me get my note pad out of my new purse and adjust my new scarf so that it isn't in the way ...

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