Thursday, February 16, 2012

To Move or Not To Move?

That is the question!  Actually, this has been the question on our minds a lot lately ... that of Hubby and I.  We currently live in a nice little house.  Nothing too spectacular, but it works for us (well it did).  When we relocated 6 years ago our wish list included 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a somewhat older neighborhood on the west side of town with mature landscaping.  We were moving from an immaculate new-build home in a cookie cutter neighborhood.  In that house we discovered that we mostly hate yard work (a little maintenance is fine), we like big trees (except in the late fall), and we like a little character.  We have been happy in our current house (despite the 1985 decor ... popcorn ceilings and a carpeted master bathroom).  However, as Bubby gets older, we find that our house is not all that practical.  The two bedrooms upstairs are rightnexttoeachother and share a jack and jill bathroom.  The downstairs bedroom is fine for guests, but not practical for a tween or teen.  Our kitchen is tiny.  The house lacks an open floor plan.  I'll never have a sunken tub and separate shower.  Etc.

With the housing market as it is here right now ... a buyer's market ... and rates decent (last time I heard, what do I know ... I leave it to Mr. Finance ... aka Hubby), it is probably the time to do it.  We like the neighborhood just south of our current hood.  In fact, we love it!!!  We tend to hit every open house we see over there, but we have found that the houses need as much updating as our current house and just come with a much higher price tag.  We are ok with the price tag, as long as we don't have a lot of reno work and $ ahead of us. 

Here comes the clicker ... I HATE MOVING.  I.  Hate.  It.  But when you move you get to clean out so much stuff, blah, blah, blah.  Save It ... that doesn't do it for me.  What to do?  What to do?

I think I'll ask Hubby to consider a little work this spring/summer on our current place and then decide.  I'm guessing we'll sell quicker if we replace the 1985 carpet with hardwood and new carpet (depending on the room) and paint those popcorn ceilings so that they don't look so popcorney (new word!).  Maybe do a little redecorating with the help of Pier 1 ...

Living Room Wish List ...

                                                                                                     Pier 1 Sofa

                                                                                                        Pier 1 Chair

Bedroom Wish List ...

                                                                                              Pier 1 Hayworth Bed
                                                                                         Pier 1 Hayworth Chest

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