Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Work To Be Done ...

Last night I dreamt about Botox.  Specifically that I was getting A LOT of Botox.  A LOT.  It was a very vivid dream and a little bothersome to the awake me.  In the dream I liked it too much and the pain didn't scare me ... except that I wouldn't do it around my eyes (which is probably where I need it the most) because I saw an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians in which Kim had Botox around her eyes and had a terrible allergic reaction.  So, no eye Botox for me ... but my forehead got the full treatment!  I'm not gonna lie to you, I've considered it.  I've priced it.  The two little vertical lines between my eyebrows beg for it!  The horizontal lines across my forehead are starting to squawk too (thank goodness for bangs).  The cost is what is holding me back ... several friends tell me that the first time doesn't always do the trick, so then there is a second time and then your addicted and WHAM ... more maintenance fees. 

A few weeks ago my little sister was at my house (one of her unexpected drive-by visitings).  I was just out of the shower and putting on my makeup ... nekkid ... it's how I roll.  Doors were closed but not locked, so Little One being Little One came in to the bathroom for a chat (is it weird that I still think of her as Little One at 37 years old?).  There's no modesty between us ... we shared a bedroom for 16 years and we've witnessed each others' childbirth (well, I've watched her give birth).  Anyway ... this was going to be my headline ... My Sister Saw Me Nekkid and Freaked Out!  I thought about posting that on Facebook but decided that might be TMI for a few 'friends'.  Yes, so we visited, I eventually dressed, and she left.  Then a couple of hours later I got a text from her ... wait for it ... She was concerned.  I am "very thin" and maybe I don't "look so good".  Ha!  No complex there!  I reassured her that I am a healthy weight (according to my last doctor's visit) and that I eat and have not lost any weight in a while.  I guess the last time she saw me nekkid, I was still BIG (maybe I was preggers, can't remember).  So, anyway, that was a great ego boost.

So, here I am ... dreaming about Botox and scaring my sister with my nekkid body.  HeeHee  I'm sorry, but at some point a girl just has to laugh at herself.  I'll spare you a picture of my bunions.  I won't go on and on about how I almost passed out in yoga the other morning ... sun salutations at 5:30 am are not my friend.  I will say that one starts to feel OLDER when one passes up Glamour and Cosmo for Redbook and Woman's Day.

Off to look at Before and After pictures of Celebrities Who've Had Work Done ...

                                                              Love Blunt Cards!

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