Tuesday, April 3, 2012

(Not So) Rainy Day Blahs!

After two weeks of wonderful weather, we're back to what we in Colorado should be use to by now ... those cool and grey spring days that should deliver the moisture we desperately need, but don't.  Instead days like this just kinda make me feel blah.  Not a true depression type blah, but a temporary I wish I were home in pjs drinking tea and watching any version of Pride and Prejudice kinda blah.  Today I am happy that I got my arse out of bed at 5:00 am and went to hot yoga ... I can check Work-Out off my To Do List for the day and bum out tonight ... you know, after the housework and homework and dinner and nightly kiddo routine ... you know, then.

I'm going to have a Sound of Music moment here and list a few of my favorite things that would sure go a long way towards lifting my blah mood today:

Salon Manicures!
My nails are horrid.  Seriously.  Unfortunately I have weak, dry nails that peel.  So I keep them painted.  Then there are my cuticles.  Eeek!  Colorado winters are not my friend.  I'd better do something tonight.  But dontchya love sitting down in the salon and surrendering your hands to someone else and like magic in 25 minutes you have somewhat lovely, soft and painted digits? 

Cheap Jewelry!
A charming CHARLIE store opened up in our little town several months ago and it is one of my favorite places to zone out with a coffee on a Saturday afternoon.  I can spend hours in that place.  A cute necklace and matching earrings for $9.99 ... sign me up ... when I break the necklace by yanking it or lose an earring in my bag, I don't feel so guilty.
charming CHARLIE

Bottled Girly Drinks!
I'm going to admit something here ... I like me some silly girl drinks that I don't have to make.  When I go out, I'm typically a wine drinker.  When I host a shindig, I typically serve wine.  When I attend a shindig, I typically bring wine.  However, when I am drinking alone - at home, I prefer those little bottles of Hard Lemonade or Hard Cider or Margaritas or Mojitos.  My current fave is Mike's Light Hard Lemonade ... yummo!

So, there you go ... tonight maybe I'll give myself a manicure while wearing some inexpensive jewelry and drinking a Mike's ... WHY NOT?

p.s.  I finished The Hunger Games Trilogy!  Ok, now I'm a Hunger Nerd, it is official!  Loved.  Them.

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