Monday, March 26, 2012

My Weekend

I'm still enjoying the wonderful weather here in Colorado ... really, it better just stay this way ... ok, it can rain so that we don't burn up in July ... no more snow, though!

I had a great weekend.  I kicked it off on Friday night by joining some gal pals at a local newish hot spot Studio Vino.  What a great time ... you go, you paint, you drink wine, you can shop, you chit chat.  Fabulouso!  I am SO not artistic and was a bit apprehensive, but the instructor walks you through the process and it is almost as easy as paint by numbers but so much more funky-cool.  The art is a bit abstract, which means that I can do it.  LOL  I took Bubby to Whole Foods for a snack after school (hey, if a cookie and a root beer comes from Whole Foods, it doesn't count as SUGAR, right?).  I told him that I was going out with my friends that night so it would be Hubby & Bubby night.  I explained that I would be creating art and that he was to tell me how beeeeeuuutiiiful it was the next morning.  His response, "I will like it as long as it doesn't look like someone's butt".  Oh, 8 year old boys are just so suave.  The pride I feel, it is overflowing.  But!  He did like it and it now hangs in his bedroom and he keeps showering me with accolades!  He's either 1) sorta blind or 2) a real kiss ass or 3) making $ from dad.  Here is the picture ... not mine ... but what the group was going for ...

Ok, so time with gal pals, art & wine.  Check!  Saturday started with hot yoga and was followed up with and iced coffee ... Hubby took Bubby to flag football, he ROCKS!  Later that day Hubby & I went to see The Hunger Games with friends.  So Good!  Was worth the 15 minutes we stood in line ... hey, I've NEVER stood in line for a movie before.  I thought the movie followed the book rather precisely, obviously a lot was melted together to get all the action in, but it was done well.  I'm now motivated to read the second book.  Truly I am not Hunger Games mad ... I liked the first book well enough, but I wasn't inspired to run right out and get the second book as many of my friends were.  I digress ... go see the movie! 

Bubby had a playdate yesterday at a nearby park so I sat on a blanket in the sun with the other mom and chit-chatted ... maybe now I won't blind people with the sight of my legs!  Time to get out the sunless tanner, oye!  Hubby grilled last night but I contributed my making dessert ...

Fruit Crumble and Vanilla Froyo!

1 can sliced peaches (lite or low sugar)
1 can sliced pears (lite or low sugar)
1 large apple
1 handful of raisins (I like golden)
ground cinnamon
corn starch
cooking spray
1 stick of butter or margarine
1/2 cup oats
1/2 cup whole wheat flour

Preheat your oven to 350 and lightly spray a medium sized baking dish.  Drain your peaches and pears and slice your apple (rather thin).  Arrange all of your fruit in the baking dish (I like raisins on top); sprinkle cinnamon and sugar to taste over the fruit and then sprinkle on a light amount of corn starch; set aside.  In a bowl, mix oats, flour and ~ 1/2 cup of sugar (depending on your tastes) then add the stick of butter and with your hands combine well to make the crumble.  Drop the crumble mixture evenly over the fruit and bake uncovered for ~ 30 minutes.  Serve with vanilla frozen yogurt or ice cream!

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