Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What Up?

OMGosh, will you look at that ... gee only ~ 2.5 months since my last post.  Niiiice.  I got kinda busy.  You know, the Holidays, a new school term, the January blahs (so not my favorite month even though the Bubby and I both have January birthdays), oh and I turned 40!  Just a little thing, you know, 40.  Midlife?  Hopefully!  Actually I took 40 in stride, not such a big deal to me.  30 was rough, we had yet to receive the blessing that is Bubby and I think I struggled with the idea that maybe I wasn't where I thought I would be at 30.  But 40!  40 is good and life is good and Hubby is good and Bubby is good and my health is good and our finances are good (I'd prefer great, but good is better than other alternatives) ... so, yeah, 40 is good and Thank You God.

Despite a few well intentioned friends that offered to ring in 40 with a big shebang, I opted for a couple of quieter celebrations.  Hubby took me out for a very nice dinner, Hubby and Bubby presented me with an awesome Brighton charm necklace, and then I went down to see my bff for a weekend of shopping and eating and an awesome Aveda pedicure.  All was good, I am so blessed.

Now it is back in the swing of things and I can't believe that February is almost over.  Spring in Colorado is always interesting and can vary from uber cold and miserable (with late season heavy snows that wreak havoc) to almost summer-like temps and dry.  We need the moisture but is it too much to ask for wet in the form of rain and not snow?  Skiers hate me.  I'm ready to wear sandals and dresses w/o tights and maybe a tee shirt w/o a heavy sweatshirt or sweater.  I'm always early for everything.  I'm quite annoying, I'm told.

So here are some of my new likes ...

Kristin McGee
Yoga and Pilates wonder gal, I love this blog and have her S3 home workout DVD which is FABULOUS ... perfect short workouts (yoga and pilates styles) that you can do alone or in combination.  Love.

The Americans
Do you remember Keri Russell from Felicity (WB circa 2000)?  Well she's back and so not that sweet naive undergrad anymore.  Wowzers.  Who knew she had it in her?  This little gem airs on FX on Wednesday nights and is the story of husband and wife KGB spies posing as middle class Americans in 1980s Reagan times.  Hubby and I don't watch a lot of TV but we do like to have at least one hour a week to chillax together on the couch and really get into this type of thing.  Another good one that we have been getting from Netflix is the Showtime series Homeland, but alas, we have to wait for the second season to become available on DVD.  Again, good stuff!

Downton Abbey
I remain in love with this series, am so glad that I stumbled upon it during the first season.  Gosh Season 3 was a downer, tho .... SPOILER ALERT ... dagnaggit I wish the actors would stop leaving and thus the characters would stop kicking up heels.  I have and will continue to miss Sybil the most.  She and Tom irritated me in the beginning (did she really love him or was he just telling her that she did?  lol) but I got very much into them in Season 2 and feel so bad for him now.  I wanted to smack that little hussy housemaid Sunday evening, leave a grieving widower alone already.  Hiss.

Ben and Jerry's Greek Froyo
OMGosh B&J are my heroes!  This stuff is so good I have to hide it from Hubby and Bubby (I made the mistake of raving about it never thinking that they would try it because of its 'healthy' image).  The Blueberry Vanilla Graham is my favorite ... it is like the perfect blueberry cobbler with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.  Holy Wow.

I've recently read a couple of good books as well:  Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks (this is great and the movie was done well) and La's Orchestra Saves The World by Alexander McCall.

I may be ending a long term relationship soon.  One that had been pivotal to my emotional well being for ~ 13 years.  I speak of the ohso important relationship between a woman (such as I) and her hairdresser (such an old school title).  Alas, my hair gal could simply not get me in for a cut and color anytime near when I need her and I have been told for years by a few friends to try their hair gal and so I will.  Once I got over the initial guilt and trepidation, I started to feel almost excited at the prospect of change because for the last several years my hair gal has ignored my wishes for 1) the majority of my hard grown hair to remain on my head and not on her floor - a trim, just a trim!  2) thicker bangs - I bang, ok?  and 3) caramel highlights (CARAMEL!).  We shall see ... I'm aiming for something like this wonderful Jennifer Anniston late Friends look (although a litte more blond) ...

We shall see ...

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