Tuesday, December 4, 2012


If I could save time in a bottle ...

Isn't it strange how time passes so quickly as we get older?  I remember, as a kid, a school year was a very long time.  Now, Bubby's school years fly past us.  My Bubby is a 3rd Grader and some days I can't even fathom that this is a fact.  It is so strange how quickly he is growing up.  Sure, day in and day out we just go about our lives and don't really make note of the growth and changes, but then we look back and bam! - we are slapped with the realization that Bubby is tall and smart and sweet and kinda bratty and fun and obnoxious and so much Me and so much Hubby - amazing.  One moment I think about how I could never live without him and the next I think maybe he should go to college out-of-state. 

November is always a strange month for me.  Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday.  My dad died in November.  My mom died in November.  Several other family members have died in November.  Oh November, you piece of work.  My sisters and I attended the Memorial Service of our aunt on Saturday.  Our cousins had put together a video tribute that was beautiful and it inspired me to pull out the tribute that my younger sister made for our mom 3 years ago.  Depressing, right?  But actually, notsomuch, time has made it a little easier to view and I actually found myself smiling and laughing a time or two.  Oh and wow does my Bubby ever look like me at 9 years old! Aha, proof that he is not just a product of Hubby (note to my mother in-law). 


So, November is done.  I welcomed December by refusing to leave the house on Sunday.  I stayed in my pjs all day.  It.  Was.  Awesome.  I watched the best little movie ever - Salmon Fishing In The Yemen with Emily Blunt and Ewan McGregor.  If you like indie films, films that may lack the big screen pizazz but make up for it with inspiration and perspective and sweetness and comfort, this is a good one.  I made candy.  I ate said candy in large quantity.  I felt no guilt.  I still don't. 

December promises to bring some stress (work, shopping, wrapping) but I hope that it also brings joy (holiday lights, holiday music, High Tea with my younger sister, family, friends, vacation, more lazy days).  I also look forward to putting 2012 to bed (sorry but you kinda sucked) and ringing in 2013.  I turn 40 next month and fair warning ... I plan to make 40 my beeeyatch!

Go forth and make merry!

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