Thursday, March 13, 2014

Stuff I'm Diggin!

The seasons are a changing (I hope) and I can tell that I'm a bit restless.  I've had a little time during my lunch hour lately, so I've been able to do some web surfing and YouTube watching.  I can tell when I've spent too much time with the male species (at work and at home), I start to crave Girl Stuff ...

Style and Makeup Blogs/Vlogs

I have spent many lunch hours over the past few weeks mindlessly watching YouTube videos and perusing style-type blogs.  Here are a few that I am into:

Emily Noel on YouTube
This gal is great on camera and I love her inexpensive dupes for makeup counter products, she is very honest about which products work on-the-cheap and which products one should shell out more $ for.

Getting Gorgeous
This site is run by two Mommy Bloggers (for lack of a better term) and each have their own blog as well.  They have some vlogs together that are fun, sort of like hanging out with your girlfriends and dishing on makeup, clothes, home goods, etc. 

Beauty and Style

Speaking of beauty and style, I've found some new things and have pulled out some old favorites in recent days as the promise of Spring Days is in the air.  My splotchy, pale, winter skin has gone away with the help of my favorite drug store self tanner/moisturizer.  My face has a bit of a glow as well thanks to an inexpensive highlighter I read about in my last Redbook and found at Ulta.  A friend of mine hosted a Stella & Dot Trunk Show a few weeks ago and I treated myself to an early Mother's Day present - a silver chain and Mother charm (I'll be adding more!).  Finally, I was in DSW a few months ago and found the cutest pair of casual sneakers.  The best part is that they are Dr. Scholl's, are ultra comfortable, and have arch support built in!  So I've been wearing these every chance I get lately.  I think I may need some new boyfriend jeans and a few new tee shirts or lightweight blouses in order to get maximum use of them ...

Nivea Sun-Kissed Radiance, Target

Essence Highlighter in Sun Light, ULTA

Stella & Dot
Dr. Scholl's Jennie Sneaker, DSW


A few years ago I read Austenland by Shannon Hale.  Cute book, perfect for a lazy afternoon, especially if you are an Austen lover like myself.  A few weeks ago I was browsing the Netflix website, updating my Que, when I saw that Austenland was made into a movie starring Keri Russell (must have been straight to video?) so I added it to my Que.  I had a rare weeknight free recently and I watched it ... SO CUTE.  Well Done.

The Americans

Speaking of Keri Russell, Season 2 of The Americans started a couple of weeks ago.  It is Hubby and My one hour of must watch TV (together) during the week.  SO GOOD.  It is on FX on Wednesday nights.  Warning: not kid friendly AT ALL.
So that's about all I have.  I just received Bubby's Spring Travel Soccer schedule today and it looks like we'll be driving all over the state on the weekends for the next few months ...  HAPPY SPRING!

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