Thursday, March 20, 2014

In A Mood ...

So I'm in a mood.  I'm actually fairly happy as of late, the sun is shining today and I have a nice bit of walking planned for this afternoon while Bubby is at soccer practice.  I love it when I can exercise outside!  We're in Spring Break mode here this week and I enjoyed the first half with my little guy and now Hubby is enjoying the second half with him.  When we don't vacation during Spring Break, we split it up so that we each get some time off but neither of us has to burn through too much vacation time.  It works for us.

I digress, so I'm in a mood.  Not a BAD mood.  Just a mood.  I'd say I'm finding myself irked by some things lately.  Just irked, not pissed off, not hurt or mad or angry, just irked.  In an almost comical, roll my eyes and chuckle way.  Facebook has been the vehicle for most of the irk inspiration, truth be told.  So here is my list.  No offense to those guilty of these things, I would bet that I have been guilty of these things as well and I would also bet that many of my Facebook friends could provide a lengthy list of my grievances that have left them irked a time or two.  So, ya know, just sayin' ...


Please make it stop.  The constant selfies.  I'm so over it.  Sure, ya got a new haircut, show us.  Your kid does something cute, no problem.  You made a really good umbrella drink, post the pic.  HOWEVER, the several a day pictures of JUST YOU, holding out your phone, showing the world your outfit, your same every day hair - makeup - work desk - morning coffee, etc.  Gag.  I have this Facebook friend, a nice woman.  Someone I knew several years ago who now lives out of state and I only communicate with via Facebook.  Every day she posts probably 5 selfies.  Every.  Damn.  Day.  Overload.

Look At Me, Retro Excuses Pictures

OhMyGod can people (women) please stop with the My House is an Episode of Hoarders Because I'm Too Busy Living My Wonderful Life posts.  Please.  You know the ones, "my kids don't have clean underwear or socks but we're happy because we sat around the fireplace roasting marshmallows all day so I'm a better mom than YOU because you obviously care more about laundry than being a mother", posts.  Housekeeping not a priority for you?  Cleaning the shower tops your list of cruel and unusual punishments?  Good for you.  Not judging.  But please, spare me your silly cartoons EVERY time I turn around.  Once in a while is a good laugh, I get it.  Once a week, sorry but kinda annoying.  Truth.  Any of the picture posts that basically imply that anyone that doesn't share your value (or lack thereof) for housekeeping, working out, eating right, etc., is either a bad mother, superficial, or insecure.  Yeah, those. 

Vicarious Living Through Ones Kids

This one is a little more serious and not really Facebook related.  So Bubby plays competitive soccer.  He loves it and we try to support him (read: tolerate it).  Neither Hubby nor I played soccer.  In fact, I am the least athletic person alive, quite possibly.  Now, this requires understanding my definition of athleticism.  I'm fit, I like to be active, but I am NOT athletic.  I'm uncoordinated.  I am SO not competitive (I hate competition, I run the other way, you win, done).  I get bored easily.  I like to change things up.  I'm wimpy.  My reasons (read: excuses) go on and on and on.  Hubby, however, was an athlete growing up.  The usual American Boy sports ... basketball, football, baseball, track, etc.  Hubby loves to watch games on tv or in person.  He likes to play sports with Bubby and makes being active a priority as well.  Hubby, though, is not all that competitive either.  For him, it's more about fun.  So I don't know what happened, because Bubby is UBER competitive.  Thus, competitive soccer at only 10 years old.  This past year, he switched soccer clubs and tried out for a great team.  When he made the team, he was over the moon.  We were too until we looked at the schedule and price tag.  Ouch.  Alas, we do what we gotta do for our kids (the price tag explains the no trip Spring Break).  Overall his teammates are nice kids with nice parents.  A few of them (parents), though ... yikes!  Talk about living vicariously through your kid(s).  It might be comical if it weren't so sad and sort of pathetic.  Recently we had a team meeting and two things that the coach said were very telling: 1) when surveyed, kids said that the worst part of losing a game was the car ride home with mom and dad (seriously?) AND 2) please, parents, keep control of your tempers during games and do not interact with the parents of the opposing team(s).  Good Grief.

Gee, I feel so much better now that I have that off my chest.  I'm off to annoy people on Social Media now. 



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