Wednesday, April 2, 2014

It's April and Other Random Notes

Happy April!

So, it appears I'm not the only one (see previous post re: annoying Facebook stuff) ...

MSN Facebook No - Nos

Anyway ...

Can it just hurry up and be shorts and sandal weather?  I am so ready.  I want to wear sundresses, eat and drink outside on a patio, sit at the pool, go out for frozen yogurt, drive with the windows down, etc.  I've been all about the Spring Cleaning the past week or so, even at work, so you know I'm desperate for some fun in the sun. 

Recently I:

Read This Book - VERY GOOD!

Saw This Movie - NOT BAD!

Started Watching This Again - SO BAD (hahaha)!

As I mentioned, I've been cleaning and organizing at work.  It's been fairly slow and the days have been dragging.  This won't last long.  Soon I'll be up to my eyeballs in paperwork and then our field and travel season will hit.  We have a early June vacation planned (road trip!) and then my - work - field and travel season will hit.  Bubby will be in Sports Camps all Summer (again) and this year we plan on joining our neighborhood pool.  I'll start doing more morning work outs to free up my evenings and I'll try to eeek out a little time with friends.  Ahhhh, Summer!  I'm ready!

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