Thursday, May 8, 2014

So, This ...

My 10 year old's soccer schedule has been ruling my life for the past 6 weeks or so.  I have about 3 weeks left of this and then I am hoping to have a life again outside of the soccer field.  Well, except that he was just asked to play on a summer league team.  Oye.

I tried to have a Girl's Night Out last Saturday night.  Fail.  Everyone is SO busy.  Almost all of my girl friends are moms with young-ish kiddos.  I understand.  Kinda.  I still felt a bit unimportant, I have to say.  Trying not to take it personally.  I still need some help in that department.  Bahahahaha!

Had a CRAPPY week at work last week.  I actually walked out of my office for an hour at one point, upset with a few coworkers.  Fairly drastic but I was about to lose my shit.  I don't regret it, a girl can only take so much.

I did get to see The Other Woman with a friend recently.  Is now on my list (near top) of Best Chickflicks of All Time.  Perfection.

The weather was wonderful here last weekend.  We got our garage cleaned out and organized (only took us a year, since moving in and just jamming everything in there).  I did some weed pulling and I even put out annual flower pots ... early for me as I usually wait for Memorial Weekend.  Now we're in a bit of a rainy period, ugh ... come back sun and 80 degrees!


I've been bored with my workouts and Bubby's soccer schedule has made gym going on the weekends especially challenging, so I bought a Barre3 DVD set off of QVC recently.  Love.  It.  We have a barre studio here in town that I've wanted to try, but it isn't in a convenient location and the drop in prices are ridiculous.  I'm happy I spent just a little more to get this complete set that I can use over and over.

So Mother's Day.  Happy Mother's Day.  Is a bit of a weird holiday for me, the past 4 years since my mom passed away.  Happy because I am lucky enough to be the mom of a wonderful boy but sad because I miss my mom so much.  On an eery note, I recently came across this necklace that my mom gave me when I was 11 years old.  A LOVE stamp.  So Love!

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