Thursday, May 22, 2014

I Like It!

My Bubby is a music lover like me.  He is constantly listening to tunes around the house.  The pro is that we like the same music (mostly), the con is that he listens to the same songs OVER and OVER.  Loudly.  He was listening to something this morning and the 3 words I Like It were much of the song's lyrics.  It inspired me to do another "things I'm digging" post.

So we spent last weekend down in the Denver area at a soccer tournament.  Several of the team families decided to forgo the 90 minute drive back and forth and opted for rooms at the same hotel.  We were one such family.  Score (pun intended)!  We were close to the tournament park AND close to some great shopping and dining.  I lived in the Denver area years ago.  I have family and friends all over the place down there.  Still, I don't get to a lot of areas often enough and am always late to the game when it comes to "new" (loosely used) shopping and attractions.  Denver "recently" got a handful of Trader Joe's stores (we are always so late to the game here in Colorado, considering our population size).  I love me some Trader Joe's.  Let me clarify that I have only ever been in a Trader Joe's maybe 4 times, but when I have been lucky enough to get inside one, I have a blast.  We'll be getting one of our own here soon (Fall 2014 is the talk).  Anyway, being close to one on Saturday, I made Hubby go with me to load up on non-perishables.

So, The I Like It List for Now:

Trader Joe's Cookie Butter

Yummo.  I am a huge gingerbread fan.  I could put an entire Barbie Gingerbread Dreamhouse away on my own.  This stuff has a hint of that.  Oh My Gosh.  I prefer it on graham crackers, animal crackers, toast.  Hubby has replaced his peanut butter with it on his lunchtime sammich (his term).

Trader Joe's Creamy Salted Almond Butter

I know everyone raves about TJ's peanut butter, and the stuff is good, I concede.  However, the Almond Butter, is in my opinion, even better.  I like Almond Butter, in general, but am picky about it.  The other stuff I've tried usually has to be refrigerated (TJ's does too) and then winds up hard OR it simply requires so much stirring every time you open the jar.  Not this stuff.  Yes, you need to store it in the fridge and yes you are going to stir it a bit, each time, BUT not too much stirring and the flavor is hands down the best I've tried.


Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

Moving on from the Butters. 
I have terrible fingernails.  They split, they peel, they break.  I also have big man hands.  I do.  So, I pretty much always have my nails done.  It's the only way I can stand to look at them and the only thing that keeps me from picking at them.  I bit them constantly as a teenager, I wonder if that's why they are so bad?  Hmmm ... I digress.  So, yeah, I usually have polish on my fingernails.  Mostly I go with a light pink or nude color so that I can get close to a week out of my mani.  Maybe not quite.  Anyway, I recently read about this great and affordable top coat that many a manicurist swears by and guess where you can find it?  Sally Beauty Supply!  Maybe Ulta or Sephora too, although I've never seen it there.  Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat if fantastic stuff and is only around $8 a bottle.  First time I used it I was amazed at how fast it dried and how hard of a finish it provides.  Money well spent!


Starbucks Black or Green Tea Lemonade


I've long been a fan of Starbucks tea.  Hot when it is cold outside (Zen!) and cold when the temperature rises.  Last summer they had some kind of peach and green tea concoction that was nice.  While we were at the tournament last weekend, I was feeling a bit dehydrated but I wasn't in the mood for plain water.  I decided to try the Iced Green Tea Lemonade (I always go unsweetened!) and I thought it was great.  This morning I had a hankering for something refreshing and decided to try the Iced Black Tea Lemonade (unsweetened!) ... Love.  I have a feeling that I'll be drinking a lot of this stuff over the next several months.  Wow.



So there you go.  Some good stuff.
Happy Memorial Day!!!

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