Thursday, May 12, 2011

3 Day Weekend, Bad Hair Day, Whatever!

I've got about 10 things on my mind today.  Brace.  Yourself.  Baby.

I stole that from Hubby ... Brace.  Yourself.  Baby.  Just one of his little 'I'm quite the stud, in my own mind' sayings.  Others include: "How would you like to get with this?" or "Are you tired this morning, because I was excellent last night!" - he stole that last one from Hugh Grant, truthfully.

I digress ...

Today is my Friday.  Bubby is out of school tomorrow, so I am out of work.  Bummer.  Not.  I get to grocery shop with him in tow, sure, but I also get to sleep in, maybe enjoy some nice weather, and get my hair done!  Woot!  I'm shooing him out the door (to across the street to his Bromantic Interest ... also known as John) and I get to go spend 2.5 hours being pampered.  People, I love me some hair time.  I have a truly fab gal that has been doing my hair for YEARS (like, 10) and it is a total gab fest when I go in every 10 weeks for a cut and highlights.  I cut my bangs a few weeks ago, a major NO NO, she may hurt me tomorrow.  I won't be able to hide under a hat with her.

Book Club!  It is the second Thursday of the month, so that means I get to gab and eat (chocolate!) and maybe talk a little Water For Elephants.  I can't wait.  First I have to get thru a few more hours of work, then the Bubby pick-up and after school rat race, then a workout (followed by a shower - I don't want to get the boot from the Clubbers), then dinner.  7:15 pm ... take me away!

Smallville!  Just in case their is any doubt about my GEEK STATUS, let me clear things up.  Tomorrow night is the Smallville Series Finale.  BOO-HOO!  No more Green Arrow, people.  How shall I survive?  Seriously, those green tights are all that get me thru many a Friday afternoon.  Justin Harley, I shall miss you.  Just stand still so I can commit you to memory.

Finally, can I just tell you how in love I am with my Bubby lately?  I don't know what he's been drinking, but it has some 'love my mama' drug.  On a daily basis I am gifted with an "I love you, Mommy" or "You are the best Mommy - EVER" or even a "You look AMAZING" ... this was said with his forehead pressed to mine.  Yes, I know he stole that from Kung Fu Panda 2, but I'll take what I can get!

TGIT ... or F!

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