Tuesday, May 10, 2011


It's time for me to admit a character flaw.  Brace yourselves ... ok ... I'm full of crap.  There, I said it.  Specifically, I tend to say that I can't do or don't like something when I've never tried it ... or given it a good try (often, doing something once isn't enough).  Take yoga!  Wait, don't take it ... I can't live without it, it seems.  I have worked-out regularly for years, even in my heavier days, I worked-out regularly (weight, for me it appears, is mostly a factor of calories consumed and not exercise).  Several years ago the gym I frequented had Pilates classes and once or twice a week I would attend, in addition to regular workouts consisting of cardio and weight training.  Since then, I've frequently done some type of Pilates workout.  Often friends would suggest that I try yoga.  The gym we currently use has yoga classes.  No.  Go.  "Yoga isn't enough for me!"  "I prefer Pilates"  "Hot yoga?  Oh, no, I couldn't handle it".  Yada.  Yada.  Yada.  Then about 9 months ago I bought a workout dvd in which the work was more of a yoga - Pilates hybrid (yogalates!) and I really enjoyed it.  So, I ventured out.  I picked up a few more yoga videos along the way and quickly realized that, indeed, I am full of crap.  To.  The.  Brim.  About a month ago, my good friend from high school was in town and we met for coffee.  She walked into the coffee shop all decked out in her yoga attire (so cute!) and dripping sweat.  She had popped into a yoga class at one of our local yoga studios and we talked for an hour about yoga (she also instructs).  It just so happens that this studio offers a week free trial, so about a week later I decided to give it a shot.  I picked a class that worked time-wise and the description indicated that I was at the right level in my practice.  Then I saw the last line of the blurb ... this class is heated!  YOWZERS.  Smelly Hippies!  I would pass out!  I'm a delicate flower!  I went anyway.  It was a killer.  I wanted to die.  I dripped sweat from every pore.  It was fabulous and I loved it!  Oh, and the smelly hippies ... notsomuch at this place.  Ha.

I still do cardio and weights, for me it is about balance.  I do some yoga at home and then try to get a heated class in once a week.  I prefer hard body or power yoga and it isn't about meditation for me (to each their own!).  My body is changing and I'm thrilled, I feel strong and lean.  I highly recommend giving yoga a shot.  Here are a few of the home dvds I rely on ...


  1. I am going to try to go on Sat or Sun. :)

  2. Me too. Was bummed not to go Saturday night ... but Hubby took priority. I went Sunday and it was great. I flipped my dog. LOL This week ... hmmm ... could probably do either night.