Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wishing and Hoping ...

Here in Colorado, Spring is having a hard time getting Sprung.  We get a teaser day or two and then BAM, we're back to dreary - cold - grey - and sometimes wet.  Seriously?  I'm over it.  We needed moisture, we got it.  I'm all for a shower here and there to keep things green and I am well prepared for 6 weeks from now when I am complaining that it is too hot and too dry (have you met me?).  For the next several days, though, I'm grumpy and need some SUNSHINE.

In the spirit of general crabbiness, here is a list of Wishes and Hopes, as I am feeling it today ...

~  I wish for 75 degrees, sunshine and no wind!  see above

~  I wish for a good book to read!  I am soon to start Nora Roberts' latest romantic suspense, oh that it is a good one. 

~  I wish for a good night of sleep.  Like 8 hours, uninterrupted!  To top it off, I would love to spend the 2 hours post waking drinking coffee and watching HGTV.  Uninterrupted.

~  I wish for something decent to watch on tv this summer, I'm not a big tv watcher, but one or two silly comedies will do (Hot In Cleveland!).

~  I wish for a mani/pedi.  My guys gave me something different for Mother's Day this year, instead of my typical mani/pedi 'voucher' I received a gift card to The Cupboard (which was fabulous and I used immediately for fun mixing bowls, measuring cups and tea towels) ... guess what, I'm gifting myself the mani/pedi in addition, thanks boys!

~ I wish my hip and lower back would stop hurting.  Dagnaggit, I do the yoga thing regularly, why can't that be enough?  Ugh ... hopefully Mr. Chiropractor can yank me back into shape tomorrow.

~ Finally, I wish for peace, love and happiness.  Ya Know, Duh!

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