Monday, June 27, 2011


I have a secret.  I might know something.  Something very good!  Something, that if it happens, will make my life so much easier.  If it doesn't happen, well then it just might be the kick in the pants that I have needed for quite some time to do something myself.  Don't get too worked up, it isn't personal - it's business (any opportunity to quote You've Got Mail, I take!).  I'll let ya know when/if it happens ... I will be too full of my excitement to contain it.   

Either way, change is a comin.  I need it.  This change I welcome ... not my typical reaction to change.  I usually gasp, shudder, run and hide at the slightest hint of change.  This woman has control issues.  This woman thrives on routine, on my schedule, on my lists (see below).  You know I'm not the only one.  People don't like it when situations or other people don't fit into their accepted & expected box.  Make a major life change, even one that is for the better, and watch your friends' and families' heads spin.  Just.  Try.  It.

I think I must be in some personal growth period.  I've been 'forced' to deal with some family issues recently.  Not.  Fun.  Now there's this work thing (fingers crossed) .  I've also been watching a lot of OWN as of late.  Oprah, my dear, I just can't say goodbye.  Finding Sarah and The O'Neals, that is some good tv.  I enjoy the voyeurism that reality tv of this type invites.  I really could care less about The Bachelor (hello, sorority house, anyone?) or Jersey Shore or Big Brother.  I go for stuff like Hoarders or Intervention and now Finding Sarah (you go, Duchess) and The O'Neals (I find Ryan to be mean and scary and feel bad for Tatum).  Maybe I will learn something?  Eh, maybe not ... but it makes me feel better.  Oh, and then there are the Kardashians ... that's an entirely different post ...

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