Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Boy

Can I just tell you how much I adore My Boy?  I am so nauseatingly in love with that kid, it is sickening.  Like the sickening that comes from eating too much chocolate cake.  I could fall over with exhaustion from the sheer love of him.

He also makes me crazy, by the way.  Sometimes he does these things simultaneously and it makes my head spin.  Within heartbeats I want to ring his neck and smother him with kisses.  Kids.  Perfect example:  this morning I realized that we are responsible for baseball snacks tomorrow evening.  Yes, lets get twelve 7 year old boys together to play baseball in the heat and mosquitoes.  Let's do this right at dinnertime so that most of them have not had anything to eat in a few hours and then let's give them SUGAR as a reward for making it 7 innings!  Woot!  We.  Are.  Smart.  So, anyway, snacks!  I figured I had better hit the grocery store this morning on our way to Day Camp.  The snacks, people, are very important.  Nobody wants to be that kid that brings carrots and juice boxes.  These are 7 year olds!  The Big Leagues.  Gatorade!  Candy Bars!  Last night the jerks   parents provided Cracker Jacks & Oreos.  I gave them a piece of my mind.  Not for the lack of nutritional value, but because WE HAVE TO FOLLOW THAT!  Anyway, we are at Safeway and My Boy is following me around the store yak - yak - yakking away and I am stressed out and in a rush and over myself for being a crabby mom and just altogether in a pissy mood.  Mean.  Mommy.  That taken care of, we get to camp and suddenly My Boy is all hugs and hand holding (mine!) and "I love you, Mommy!" and "Have a good day!" and I just want to tackle him to the ground and weep my apologies and smother him in kisses.

Oye!  Raising a kid is one roller coaster ride of emotions!  Thank You, God.

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