Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Wow, two days in a row.  I am just full of crap I want to spew out into the blogosphere.  I stole this topic, by the way, from another blog that I frequent.  Thanks, you.  Credit!  Credit!  She's fab, go read her regularly.  Starting.  Now.

Last week I got a massage.  I won said massage as a door prize when I volunteered to coordinate my son's baseball team's fundraiser (I am a moron).  As soon as I won it, I had multiple offers for trades.  I considered them but decided to keep the massage.  I am not really a massage person, but for some reason I decided I wanted/needed this one.  Ok, so let me clarify ... I have gotten massages before.  I have a recurring lower back & hip issue and a few years ago I was stooped over like a 90 year old woman and a few medical massages were part of my treatment plan.  Those types of massages that are actually painful and you feel worse for like a day afterwards but then, suddenly, relief!  Yeah, those.  The one I had last week was not as intense.  It was nice, it helped, it was FREE.  However, I just don't get the large charge that a lot of my friends get from massages.  They are ... ok.  Just ok.  Not something I pay for regularly.

So what are my go to indulgences, sources of pampering, treats?  Read on ...

Pedicures!  I love pedicures!  I usually only pay for one or two a year (summer) but do my own every couple of weeks at home (I am quite good, really).  The soak, the pumice, the scrub, the lotion, the massage chair (when I pay) ... ahhhh.  Then there are the gorgeous finished products, if I do say so myself.  A true wonder.  I like my own feet, I'm weird like that.  Other people's ... notsomuch.  Want to know what else?  I'm kinda judgey when I see other women running around in sandals with - gasp - unmaintained feet.  Um, ick.  All you need is a bathtub or sink, a pumice and a file for the basic upkeep, ladies.  Then think polish!  Woo-Hoo!

Bookstores!  Add a cafe and I am in HEAVEN.  I can nurse a latte and browse shelves for hours at Barnes & Noble.  It is my go-to spot when I get 30 minutes of me time.  If you catch me walking into our local store - go away, far away, I'm in my zone.

TJ Maxx, Marshall's, Tuesday Morning!  I like to shop.  Enough. Said.  I like good deals.  I get a high from a $8 tee-shirt and a $20 handbag.  Indulge.  Indulge.  Indulge.

YouTube!  I could sit in front of YouTube and watch Days of Our Lives clips circa 1987 for HOURS.  Clips of Smallville, ditto.  Retro music videos, I'm there!  Pour me a glass of Malbec and leave me to it.

Ok, those are a few of my simple pleasures.

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