Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The 'To Do' List

I think I have mentioned making 'To Do' lists before?  I think I have mentioned that I have OCD?  They go hand-in-hand, peeps.  I typically have a running mental List ... but most weekends I have an actual List.  Usually I accomplish most to all tasks on the List.  This past weekend Bubby decided to be ill (stomach bug, nasty stuff) and I was actually able to complete every single task.  Woot!  Nothing like projectile poop and vomit to keep one's family on the mellow for the weekend!  The feeling of great satisfaction, of accomplishment, of elation, lasted until mid-day yesterday (Monday) ... then I started forming this coming weekend's list.  Yes, I am that ill.  I've been offered medication, I've always turned it down ... hmmm ... rethinking - rethinking - rethinking.  Do you ever feel like just as you've wiped the pee off the toilet seat/bathroom floor OR just as you've Windexed the heck out of the mirror OR just as you've wiped the stainless steel fridge free of fingerprints OR just as you've swept the floor of all the dirt and grass surely the entire neighborhood has produced ... Do you ever feel like someone is just waiting, biding their time, to scuzz it up again?  Just to make you screech?  Do they like my voice like that?  Huh?  Oye!

Pity Party, Table For One!

Sometimes I wish I just did not care.  I have a good friend (no, really, I do) that likes to tease me/give me grief about my "spotless house" (her words, not mine, I can show you all the spots).  This same friend is a fitness fanatic.  FA-NA-TIC.  Now, I work out regularly, I keep a pretty tight schedule (hoping for a tight arse) but I can deviate.  I can let life happen and don't get too worked up if I have to miss 30 minutes on the elliptical once in a while.  Notsomuch this friend of mine.  In fact, she has to convince herself not to work out, to rest, like most of us have to convince ourselves to put down the Dove Dark Chocolate and go for a walk.  Anyway, point is - we all got our own stuff.  We all have our own issues.  I guess I'll keep mine.

Anyone got a spare hammock and a lemonade (with a little vodka)?  Sigh ...

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