Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More Great Times, Online!

I want to continue my list of online treasures.  I'm not sure I would make it through an entire workday w/o my little 3 minute breaks of www bliss.  Check these out ...

Clean Mama
I realize that not everyone gets excited about cleaning supplies (eco friendly, people!) and organizational tips, but if you do - at all - see this site.  Good.  Clean.  Fun.

Cleaning Proz
This one is a little more like an online magazine, but still a good time.

Jane Austen's World
For the other bazillion Jane Austen fans out there.  The web is full of Austen blogs, but I think this one is tops.

Geek Threads or Fashion for Nerds
A daily dose of whimsy.  I don't always love her outfits, but she has style and makes me smile!

Chick Lit is Not Dead
Like having a quick break with your girlfriends.  Good.  Times.

HGTV: Rate My Space
I love looking at other people's houses.  I truly think a person's space says a lot about them.  Isn't it fun to go to a person's house the first time?  A few years back, when my Book Club was just starting, we chose to rotate houses rather than go to restaurants and coffee shops (as we do most often now).  I am so glad we did that, I think it really broke the ice amongst the eight of us and helped us to develop a tight bond quickly.  It isn't about who has the biggest/most expensive house in the best neighborhood ... it's about getting to know someone by spending time in their zone.  My group of friends is fairly diverse, as are their homes - their style - their decor - their choices.  It is just plain cool, for me, to check out other people's digs ... so here you can do it in vast quantity from your pc.

Happy Surfing!

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