Monday, June 13, 2011

My Favorite Things - Summer Edition

Summer has arrived in Colorful Colorado and I am loving it!  We've experienced two great weekends in a row (albeit very busy!) and I'm digging life.  Things I'm currently enjoying or hope to enjoy in the next few months include ...

Sandals!  The weather has allowed me to shove my boots, loafers and flats to the back of my teeny-weeny closet and I have been enjoying my wedges, my espadrilles and my flip flops as of late.  Woot!  I feel a trip to DSW coming on ...

OPI!  I love me a good mani/pedi year round, but summer means bright colors on my 20 digits.  I mentioned my tangerine tootsies last week.  I went into ULTA looking for a certain pink/red/orange by OPI on Saturday.  Turns out that shade is brand spanking new and ULTA did not yet have it, but I managed to find a darn good alternative in a fuchsia number.  Can't wait to try it out.  For me, this time of year, the more NEON - the more garish, the better!

Dresses, shorts and skirts.  I'm not a fan of pants or jeans in the summer.  Capris are ok.  Thank Goodness for self tanner.  My current fave is this Nivea stuff ... not near as smelly as the Jergens equivalent, IMO.

Hot in Cleveland!  The ladies are back this Wednesday!  Woot!  If you get TV Land, you have to check this show out.  Love.  It.  They run these mini-seasons ... I think the show just premiered last summer and already they are on their 3rd season (I think).  Valerie Bertinelli's Melanie is my favorite ... I need to mention that she hooked up with former Duke Boy John Schneider in the first season ... be still my beating heart (oh 1984, the good ol' days and the good ol' boys).

Fru-Fru drinks!  What is it about summer that has me craving all things girly, fruity, fizzy, icy and bedazzled in the drink department?  We went to a BBQ on Saturday (yeah, good times!) so I stopped by the liquor store for a 6 pack of micro brew for Hubby and 'something' for me.  Initially I was thinking a nice Pinot Grigio or maybe a White Zin.  Nope!  I was perusing the aisles and noticed the Arbor Mist and I was SOLD.  I stuck them in the freezer at home and by the time we arrived at the BBQ, I had me a nice slushy bottle of YUMMY.  Yes, I said 'had me a bottle' ... drank the whole darn thing (almost) myself. 

My list is a long one, to be continued at a later date.  Yeah Summer!  xoxo


  1. Big fan of summer, self tanner and Bo Duke myself. I'm going to check out that sunless tanner- I've been using Jergens and it stinks (literally). Can't wait until Thursday night! Woot woot!

  2. I know, I usually use the Jergens and try to ignore the smell (Hubby too!) but I decided to spend another $2 and try the Nivea ... much better. There is still a bit of that leathery smell but not near what you get from the Jergens, IMO.

    Thursday is $3 margs at TBH - I think - yeah!