Wednesday, August 10, 2011

14 Years!

Yesterday was my 14 year wedding anniversary ... well, ours.  Wow.  Time.  Flies.  Bizarro.  We've actually been together 18 years as of June.  Here's hoping for 14 more good years, and they have been good years.  I'm very lucky.

Here are some good things about Hubby ...

He's tall.  I like me some tall men.  I'm 5'9" at last measurement (use to be 5'10" ... or so I thought).  Hubby is 6'4" and that is very much appreciated. 

He's funny.  Hilarious.  Very sarcastic and snide.  Apparently I like me some smart-ass too.

He's a great dad.  He's a better dad then I am a mom, truth be told.  I knew he would be.  Before Bubby, during those days when we thought we might not be blessed with a child of our own, I felt the worst for Hubby.  I just felt like he was meant to be a dad.  He.  Rocks.  At.  It.  Thank You, God.

He's incredibly protective and always takes my side in every fight ... unless it's with him, of course.  Don't mess with me, or I will send him after you. 

He's a hard worker.  He likes to improve himself.  He's ambitious, but he's not over-the-top ... he's not a workaholic, but he does believe in providing for his family.  Yeah, Him!

He's not perfect.  This is a good thing, because I am SO NOT PERFECT.  He's silly and does annoying things and I want to smack him upside the head on a regular basis.  It's.  Great.

I am very lucky and after 14 years, I guess it is good that I still think so.  Now, if I could just get him to use a toilet brush or a dust rag or a mop ...

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