Thursday, August 4, 2011


I am Pooped.  Worn Out.  Drained.  Knocked Down and Drug Out.  Got it?  This summer has kicked my tushy.  Bubba played outdoor baseball for the first time this year and it had us hauling hiney all over town for 6 or 7 weeks (I lost track).  My job is always uber busy in the summer.  Hubby is back in school working on his MBA and that meant that I had a lot of solo Bubby duty in the evenings.  We had invites out the wazoo, some we just had to decline, etc. - etc. - etc.  On top of that, we joined a new gym and both Hubby and I are super committed to our fitness routines.  Juggle, Juggle, Juggle.

I just returned from a meeting and I think it might actually be time for things to slow down.  I have Book Club next week and this month's pick sits on my bedside table mostly untouched (I think I managed 7 pages in the tub about a week ago).  I have a school supply list for Bubby that needs tended to.  Both soccer and religious education loom on the horizon, right after school starts.  Oye!

These thoughts are keeping me going:  I get to see my little sis this weekend and my bff the following weekend.  Woot!  Fall is around the corner, my favorite season, and I get to buy new boots ... I'm eyeballing them as we speak.  I have a potential girls weekend coming up, if I can swing it.  Double Woot!

Calgon, take me away.  Also, please send your friend Pinot Grigio and a smutty romance novel.

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