Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Life is hectic, again.  I say that like I had a break.  Not really, but it is hectic-er (new word!).  I have one child, my sister has three ... how does she do it?  I have one child and a husband that is more involved than most and I still feel like I run around like a chicken with my head cut off (they really do ... so weird).  Maybe if I could let go, you know ... let some things slide, give up some things (clean toilets are overrated, I'm told).  Hmmm ... I think that would require meds.  I've tried.  It stressed me out even more to see the ignored household chores, to walk away from the pile of mail that needed gone through, to skip the gym, to ignore the texts and voice mails from well meaning friends and family that 'just wanted to chat for a few minutes'.  So I, like so many women (moms!), just keep going. 

I need a sister-wife!


  1. You know that I picked you as my sister wife~ Although you would totally be getting the short end of the stick.
    I have a hard time walking away from all that stuff too. Feeling disorganized sends me into a downward spiral. It is so much better for me just to get it done, or just drink wine. :)

  2. See, I don't think so because you would be in charge of design and decor and I would get to live in a cute house. Oh, and cooking! Wait, are we married to B or S? Or someone else ... Hugh Jackman, perhaps?