Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Weekend ... Or Why I Might Need Professional Help

I/We had a fabulous Labor Day Weekend!  I hope you did too.  The weather here was wonderful, sunny and a cool mid 70s, and we have the same - with some rain - in the forecast.  I love it.  I have new boots that demand wearing, soon.

So what made my weekend so fabulous, you ask?  It was fabulous because my introverted self, the part of me that craves time alone, that needs down time, that has to have a break from text messages, phone calls and expectations ... basically my anti-social self, got a much needed break!  Is that mean?  I just wanted to be left alone.  With the exception of a quick cup of coffee with one friend, I was mostly out of touch for three days and it ROCKED.  I had my guys and that was all I wanted.

What did I do for three days?  This is where I might need help.  I cleaned!  OMGosh it feels wonderful to come back to work, back to the chaos and go-go-go, knowing that for the first time in months, my house is clean.  Not picked up.  Clean.  Nothing can replace that high I get when my fridge sparkles or all the laundry is done or the floors are freshly scrubbed.  When it is all done at one time ... BLISS.  So rare, but pure BLISS.

I also read, we ate out a few times, did a little shopping and watched a butt load of TV!  My new favorite show is Sister Pickers on Lifetime.  Love.  It.  Two of the ladies from Extreme Makeover Home Edition have this great new show on Lifetime where they spend the first half of the show driving around the U.S. (mostly Down South) searching out JUNK.  I love me some JUNK.  They haggle for the JUNK, they load it into their trailer, haul it back to LA where they give it and their kooky design ideas to their wonderful craftsman and he delivers the finished products to their store.  It is wonderful!  A console table made out of a 1970s Harley Davidson!  A set of captain chairs made out of two old mule harnesses!  A great light fixture made from an old rusty pesticide sprayer!  A powder room basin and faucet made out of a meat saw!  A.  MEAT.  SAW.  Genius!

                                                        Hanging chair made from a grain silo!

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