Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Getting Old!

I have been feeling OLD lately.  Most days I'm ok with it, so be it ... but every once in a while I feel like I do today, I feel like I want to stay in my bathrobe and slippers and drink endless cups of coffee and watch E! (although that would probably make me feel worse).  The boys and I went north on Saturday to visit the old college stomping grounds and take in a football game.  It was cool to be back and we had a great time, but WOW ... has it been 19 years since I moved into the dorm?  19 years since my friends and I drank entirely too much Keystone Light while sitting around a campfire trying to light our farts?  I know, such ladylike behavior ... keep it classy!

Time is starting to take its toll on my body too.  Despite being in the best shape of my adult life (or maybe because of the work I do to stay there), I HURT.  A few years ago I developed an unexplained lower back issue (really, I can't bend over to pull a damn weed?).  This resulted in physical therapy and regular trips to the chiropractor (I still go once a month).  About six months ago I was doing yoga when I suddenly noticed that my feet are REALLY boney ... in fact, my right foot especially seems to be super boney and old looking.  Guess what ... BUNIONS.  Yes, really ... at 38!  Bunions are when your big toe starts pointing to the second toe and that bone just under the big toe starts popping out (just so you don't confuse a bunion with a corn or callus).  Nasty!  Arch issues are usually the culprit.  Grrr.  In the last few weeks my knees have been bothering me.  Nothing too awful, just stiff and a bit sore.  Am I an Alleve commercial or what?  Finally, my last and probably my biggest gripe ... MY FACE!  Ok, just so you know, significant weight loss is a good thing (when needed, it was for me) but instead of a double chin I now have wrinkles galore and that weird too thin in places and no elasticity skin on my face.  Plump has its benefits, people.

I know there are things to be done and I am trying.  I bought the cutest pair of heeled loafers last week at DSW.  I wore them yesterday for the first time.  I walked from the parking lot to my office, sat at my desk all day, walked back to my car and they are going back to DSW!  OUCH!  They killed my feet.  There will be no breaking those suckers in, I am simply too old and have too many foot issues to even consider every putting those tortuous things on again.  I am just dreading the orthopedics ... As for the skin issue, I should probably step up the skincare regimen.  The thing is, I am just too pooped at night.  If I wash my face, brush and floss my teeth and slather on hand cream, I consider my routine a success.  I have eye cream, it gets used once a month.  Do I really have to add the other stuff?  Ugh.

I'm exhausted just thinking about it.  I'm going to finish my latte and scan People.com.  That should help ... *heavy sarcasm*

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