Friday, October 21, 2011

Things That Make You Go Hmmmm ...

So I am working hard at not working this morning, hey - it is FRIDAY - and I am catching up on my reading (online!).  I stumbled across this little ditty by Alice Bradley ( and  Good.  Stuff. 


Do you struggle with the green eyed monster?  I will admit that I do.  Not as much as I use to, I think maybe it declines with age, but I do.  As a new mom it was especially hard for me.  There I was stuck inside my house (it was WINTER in COLORADO), operating on almost no sleep, and feeling like a failure.  I was dealing with some serious post-partum depression and so envious of ALL of the good moms around me (at the time it really felt that way)  .  Her baby sleeps thru the night (envy!), she produces enough milk to feed octuplets (envy!), she doesn't have to go back to work (envy!), she is already back to work (envy!).  You get my point.  A few years later, as we were trying to deal with infertility again and trying to decide if we really wanted another baby, I envied my friends of their second babies ... of their lack of struggle with the decision or the process.  I'm over that one, by the way, we're one kiddo parents and thrilled with it now.

Nowadays (how old am I?) the things I find myself envious of include: the well developed upper bodies of women at the gym ... no matter what I do, it seems, I am lanky and lacking definition ... I want!; the well designed and decorated, not to mention updated homes of a few of my friends ... gosh I really covet hardwood floors and spa tubs; the ease at which some other moms bond and get along ... I am lucky to have my gaggle of gals, but I am not one that fits in easily with other moms at the soccer games or school functions, I'm just not outgoing or at ease with new people; finally, although I have a great job with great benefits, great flexibility and good pay ... I envy those women (people) that are passionate about their careers ... I will probably never have that Cafe/Bookstore of my dreams, it doesn't keep me awake at night, but ...

Anyway, all this is to say ... go read that great piece by Alice Bradley.  Friday Food For Thought.

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