Friday, November 11, 2011


Like many people across the country, around the world, I have found the events of this week at Penn State highly disturbing, morally reprehensible and truthfully - mind blowing.  I sit here right now feeling really low.  It boggles my mind as I try to understand how this could happen.  Let me clarify ... I understand that sick monsters like Jerry Sandusky are everywhere.  I understand that they are our uncles, grandfathers, neighbors and coaches.  I think we all do.  I think we all understand that pedophiles walk amongst us and are capable of the most horrific acts imaginable (or unimaginable).  I think we all understand that they are rarely curable ... are rarely able to be rehabilitated ... and are sick - sick - sick mother f-ers.  We.  Get.  It.

What I and I can imagine so many others are struggling with today, what we just can't wrap our minds around, is how do other adults WITNESS (hello, McQueary) such actions and DO NOTHING to stop it?  That is why Joe Paterno and Mike McQueary are receiving all the attention is this horrific tale.  Because many of us just can't imagine how anyone that isn't a sick mother f-er himself could have knowledge of such depravity and not do anything (and by that I mean stop at nothing) about it. 

So I don't give a flying fart in space about Joe Paterno's legacy.  I don't give one shit about Mike McQueary's job.  When you fail at HUMANITY, my friends, then no other success means jack crap.  Joe Paterno, Mike McQueary and any of the other cowards that allowed these atrocities to occur are failures as human beings.

Hug your kids, keep them close and trust nobody.  That is the lesson.  Oh and if you are ever forced into a situation where you have the chance to be a hero or a coward ... I hope to God you chose to be the hero.


  1. The worst part of the Grand Jury report is how many people knew things were going bad and nothing was done. It seriously traumatized me that so many people were willing to sacrifice these kids for their own careers.

  2. I know! Did you read that the judge that let Sandusky out on bail is linked to his charity? Does the corruption never end?

    Good Blog post here by a former PSU grad student and assistant coach ...