Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gobble Gobble!

Ok, I'm ready.  Bring on the turkey, mashed potatoes, yam souffle, cranberry sauce (whole berry!), green beans, dinner rolls, olives and pie.  Pie, Pie and More Pie!  We're going up to my little sisters' this year so I don't have to do the turkey.  Woot.  I love me some turkey that I don't have to make!  I'll be making sweet potato pie(s), yam souffle and veggies.  Bring on the kids running around like maniacs while the adults gossip about everything and everyone.  Bring on the post-dinner turkey coma.  Bring on the holiday music and movies.  Bring on the football and parades.  I could do without the bloat and 3 pounds .. but, whatever.  Bring on the Black Friday shopping and the house decorating for Christmas!


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