Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tis The Season!

I had a great Thanksgiving Break!  Did you?  I did plenty of shopping and eating, spent a day with my sister and her family and lots of extra time with My Guys.  Overall, life is good and I am very blessed.  I took Bubby to see Arthur Christmas and IT ROCKED.  Go see it ... even if you don't have kiddos ... it is one of those (and I am not a big fan of animated movies).

December is always a crazy-stupid-busy month for me.  I have a big work meeting (3 days of nerves) and lots of year-end accounting to do.  However, I also get a good two weeks vacation every year around Christmas and New Year, so who am I to complain ... ah, hell, who am I kidding ... complain I do!  HeeHee

But let's think positively!  Here is a list of things I love about The Holidays & things I like to do ...

Holiday Lights!  I love them in my home, around town, everywhere.  Every year Hubby, Bubby and I pick a Friday night to go out to dinner and then drive around town looking at the lights.  This is a tradition that started with my parents and I plan to carry it through. 

Starbucks Red Cups!  Why does a Chai Latte taste better when sipped from a Starbucks holiday cup?  I always get a large charge when I see those red cups hit the stores.  So festive. 

Christmas Cookies!  I don't care if they are home baked or store bought, I love Christmas Cookies.  When I was a little girl my mom would bake all kinds of cookies, fudges and breads (yes, fruitcake too!) and then put them in festive tins and distribute.  My mom was Queen of the Homemade Gifts.  Christmas stockings, baked goods, blankets, clothes for Barbie, ornaments (anyone need a Denver Bronco horse head ornament?), hats and scarves, etc.  I went to a Holiday Fair over the past weekend and kept thinking that my mom could have CLEANED UP if she had been so inclined ... but she preferred to give her works away to friends and family.

Lifetime, ABC Family and Hallmark Holiday Movies!  Yes, I know they are a cheese overload, but I love them.  I snuggle up under a warm blanket (my current fave is a fleece number my sister made for Bubby last year), make a cup of tea and zone out.  It is a nice break from reality.  Bliss. 

Holiday Music!  Doesn't matter if it is classical, contemporary, soft and mellow or loud and energizing (Trans Siberian Orchestra, anyone?) ... I dig it.  I stream it on my work pc and play it on the cd player at home and in the car.  People hate me, really.  I don't care.

Really, it was just like this!  LOL


  1. I love Transiberian Orchestra Christmas music!

  2. We need to go see them in Denver, some year!