Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ding-Dong, Ding-Dong, Christmas Bells Are Ringing!


Just a few days to go!  I'm hard at work (obviously) for the last day before I get a MUCH needed va-cay.  I cannot wait.  Really, I may leave early.  I have quite a bit to keep me busy at home for the next couple of days, then it is off to see the in-laws (and maybe a little of my own family).  I pray for safe travels and decorum.  Oh, and wine.

Can you believe that 2012 is almost upon us?  Time flies when you are OLD.  I remember a school year felt like an eternity when I was a kid, now my kid's school years wiz by in a blur.  I'll have to start thinking about Summer Break and Camp and Baseball and a Trip soon.  Oye!

Speaking of a New Year a-ringing in ... Hubby & I have our usual plans of Pizza, Booze, a Netflix Movie and to Bed by 10 pm.  We are CRAZY, CRAZY people.  As for New Years Resolutions, I'm not big on them.  I do have some hopes/wishes for the New Year, though ...

Lou's 2012 Wish List

  • I wish for continued good health for me and mine (and for all of you, too)!
  • I wish for stability and improved circumstances for a few family members (you don't wanna know)!  Really, I hope they pull their heads out of their behinds.  Is that bad?  Ha!
  • I wish for more self-discipline in certain areas of my life (spiritually, nutritionally, emotionally)!
  • I wish for continued career success for Hubby!
  • I wish for a great new boss ... I mean, I'm getting one no matter what, so I hope the he/she is fantastic ... I think I paid my dues with the last one!
  • I wish for prosperity for this country ... I wish for safe homecomings for our military, that the jobless find jobs and more are created, that the homeless find stable shelter and that the lost are found!
  • I wish for justice for the victims of the Penn State sex abuse horror and that we all learn lessons from this tragedy!
  • I also wish for a few little things like shoes, clothes, a nice family vacation, some home improvements, etc.  But I know that those things are minor and I'll be fine w/o them.  Well, maybe not the shoes ... let's not kid ourselves ...

God Bless Us, Everyone!  Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah (etc., etc.) and Best Wishes for 2012!




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