Friday, December 16, 2011

The Holiday To Do List

My mother in-law has a saying, well she has a lot of sayings.  Her Son & I like to use them at random moments and then we laugh hysterically while everyone around us stares with blank faces.  We rarely clue them in, we're jerks that way.  Anywhooo ... she has a saying ... It Will Be Here Before We Know It ... usually followed by ... Then It Will Be Over, What A Let Down.  Her glass is always half-empty.

Today I am feeling like Christmas ... wait for it ... Will be Here Before We Know It! I am feeling like I've got a good handle on my To Do List, but I know that can't be right.  I think I have most of the presents purchased and wrapped (we Scrooged both sides of the family down to just the kiddos and a group gift for the in-laws, Thank God) ... I even have a few of those Oh, crap, she got me something and now I feel like I'd better reciprocate gifts stashed.  Seriously, if you know me and I give you something, please do not feel like you have to reciprocate!!!  Really.  I sent out our cards right after Thanksgiving (yes, I am THAT woman).  I am hosting a little shindig tomorrow for my Book Club (bitches better show!) and that will basically be it.  The teacher present was already given and I don't know our mail man ... I just know that he never delivers the mail at the same time and likes to diddle away his time talking to Grizzle Adams around the corner.  Oye!  If my neighbors are {un}lucky, they'll get some cookies next week ... that I actually make.  We shall see.

I need to get through approximately 3.5 more days of work and then it is pjs, endless cups of coffee and tea, books and Lifetime movies for ~ 2 weeks.  One quick trip to the flatland to visit extended family and we're good!  Momversation has a piece on Holiday Stress today ... I gotta say, I almost asked why the hell the blogger sets herself up with all those commitments???  Just Say No!  I didn't, though, I didn't want the virtual tomatoes to ruin my outfit.  Nobody, apparently, likes a KnowItAllSmugBitch.  Go Figure.

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