Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Got Nothing ...

Nothing much happening here, well that isn't true ... I have a new boss and will have a house full of people this weekend for Bubby's First Communion ... but nothing too exciting to write about.  I think I'll post some eye candy.  Enjoy.

My friends and I recently watched The Vow.  The movie was only ok, in my opinion.  I was never a big Channing Tatum fan before ... but HELLO!

Ok, I feel like a Dirty Old Woman.  My friend pointed out that we are both old enough to be this BOY's mother.  I'm sure The Lucky One will be predictably Nicholas Sparks ... but I may have to see it ...

This one is here, just because.  Because, Because, Because and Because!!!

Not only have my guys turned me into a Super Hero Ho ... but so much eye candy packed into one flick!  I'm there!

Ok, overload, enjoy!

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