Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Congratulations to Bubby ... he made his First Holy Communion on Sunday!  He read two passages during the service and did a great job, we are very proud.  We had a small (family) party on Saturday evening and it was very nice.  Wow, my Bubby is growing up so fast.  Makes me a little sniffly to think about it ... today, anyway ... tomorrow I'll be thinking Please God hurry up time and get this kid out of the house!  Maybe.  Not.

So, the down-side of having a little shindig is all the food I consumed in a 36 hour period.  Yowzers!  I think I ate my body weight in sugar Friday - Saturday - Sunday.  We had cake at work on Friday afternoon, of course we had cake at Bubby's party, then there was coffee cake for breakfast Sunday as we had a houseful to feed and get across town to church by 7:30 am, then there was leftover cake (actually there is still leftover cake)!  Oh and for some reason it seems to be O'Doughnut Thirty around work lately.  Ugh.  My new boss likes to bring in treats (one giant jar of Jelly Bellys coming right up!).  Seriously, is it any wonder that the scale was not my friend this morning?  Gross.

All this sugar overload has really made me confront one of my worst demons ... I am a sugar addict.  Truly, it is my biggest downfall.  I can live without fast food, I can control myself with pizza, I have cut way back on soda (even Diet makes me gain weight), but I am struggling with the white stuff.  So, I told Hubby this morning that the leftover cake is getting tossed tonight and I plan to cut way back on sugar until our vacation next month. 

Wish Me Luck!

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