Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

Wherever you go in the blogosphere, people are over the heat, it seems.  East Coast blogs, West Coast blogs ... makes no difference.  I feel it, bloggers!  Here in Colorado, there has been a bit of nip in the air in the early mornings (you get to experience such things when you arise at 5:00 am to work-out, dumb sucker).  We even had a cool day last week ... a bit of a Fall preview, I hope.  However, as the day goes on, that nasty bitch HEAT arrives.  My kiddo started back to school yesterday and I feel for him ... NO AC.  Next week, most likely, after school soccer practice will start and that will be even worse.  I should be use to it, I know, but every year I whine and gripe.  I'm praying for a nice - long - cool (but not cold) - Fall.  Also, we really need a Winter at some point ... did not get much of one last year and we paid for it in spades this Summer (maybe you saw the news?  oye!).

Anyway, focusing on the positive!  I finished a major project at work last week and things should be better and less stressful now (fingers crossed).  I'm getting my hair done today (much needed) and thus get to take a long break in the middle of the work day (hey, it was the only time my gal had available, what could I do?).  Going out with a few friends on Friday night.  Woot.  Meeting my bff for retail therapy, lunch and a whole lotta gal talk on Sunday.  Woot.  Woot.  It looks like I will FINALLY get my pay increase that was promised to me last Winter!  So much Woot.  I think I have Hubby convinced to spend the $ to redo our bathroom floors.  Much needed Woot.  My braces should come off before Thanksgiving.  Cheesey grin Woot.  I have my eye on some cute Dansko shoes ... if one has to wear old woman support shoes, at least they now make them semi-cute (picture below).  Comfy Woot.

See, positive thinking!  Daily gratitude for new shoes! 

And then there is this ...

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