Thursday, September 6, 2012

Life is Good!

I'm in a chipper mood today.  Enjoy it while it lasts.  The Colorado forecast calls for cooler temperatures starting tomorrow and all over town there are signs of Fall ... leaves starting to turn and even a few on the ground, a bit of a nip in the air in the early mornings, school back in session and Fall sports starting (I'll be sitting at soccer games every Saturday for the next few months) and probably the best thing ever ... FOOTBALL!  I love Sunday afternoons and evenings during Football Season!  We typically have something cooking in the crock pot and the phone off the hook.  Having lived in Colorado most of my life and having been raised by a man that bled orange and blue, I am of course a Bronco fan.  I say of course because truly there was no other way to be in our house ... didn't bother my Dad one bit that he was blessed with all women ... four daughters, a wife and typically three female pooches running around.  The women in our household were raised to understand the game and to shut the hell up during Bronco games.  We even understood that if the Broncos lost, it was best to suddenly need a trip to the mall or out for pizza or basically anywhere that wasn't around my Dad.  That was football in my house.  My Dad died 20 years ago and I can still picture him sitting in his chair on Sunday afternoons in his flannel shirts and faded Levis and his orange and blue pom-pom stocking cap ... I thought he was quite the dork at the time, now I remember that image with a sniff and a warm heart.

So!  The Football Season begins and my only gripe is that being the superficial bitch that I am, I'm sure gonna miss this ...

Gosh He's Purty!

Anyway, so the signs of Fall have me happy.  Work has started to become a bit less hectic and I actually have some time to sit and e-mail and Facebook and even blog hop.  I'm ready to change things up a bit personally speaking as well.  I hope to get some new yoga practice started as I've mostly just been tossing it in here and there when I can fit it and I really want to try some new classes & studios.  I'm making more of an effort with friends as well.  Having come out the other side of an isolating depression, I find myself trying to regroup and hoping for some reconnection ... lots of prayer on that front. 

I wonder if other people find Fall to be a time of renewal and hope and positive changes?  I hope so!

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