Friday, August 17, 2012

Vintage or Just Old?

That is the question of the moment.  I've been watching a lot of Junk Gypsies and Cash and Cari lately (and missing Picker Sisters!) and I'm suddenly in a vintage-western kinda mood.  I've always dug the shabby chic look but it has lately taken a decidedly western turn.  Wow, flashbacks to my college days at the University of Wyoming!  It was the early to mid 1990s and I wore my share of Wrangler Silverlake and Roper jeans with my Laredo boots ... did my share of boot scoot boogying too ... although I never learned to line dance.  Wonder what I ever did with those jeans and boots?  Probably a good thing I don't still own them ... shudder at the thought ... although I am remembering how high waisted the jeans were and know that I couldn't stand an hour in them now.  Hubby and I recently celebrated our 15 year wedding anniversary (together 19 years!) and I distinctly remember the outfit I was wearing the night I met him at a dusty trail ride (insert the old time cowboy music here).  I remember having BIG HAIR ... Wyoming and Kansas (where we actually met) were (are?) BIG HAIR states in those days.  So, I had BIG HAIR, big boobs (significant weight loss in my late 30s, post-baby, has done away with those girls), and was wearing light blue Silverlakes, black Laredos and a flowery tee shirt.  Egads! 

So, maybe not the same things as now, but I really dig these ladies' style ...

If I were lucky enough to get them into my digs, I wonder how long I would be able to stand the decor?  LOL  There is a really cute little vintage shop not too far from my house, I guess I'll settle for perusing their wares and maybe pick up a thing or two.  Note to self ... well, reminder to self ... remember when you said ONCE to your mother that you kinda liked the Holstein cow thing back in the day and wound up with an ENTIRE KITCHEN full of that crap?  I hope I made some Goodwill shopper happy with my large donation on our way out of Wyoming about 10 years ago.  I miss my crazy mother, Ha!

Anyway, as Fall approaches (hurry up already!), I find myself typically eyeballing the stores and web hoping for hints of whats to come in Fall and Winter style and I'm seeing a lot of what I would call vintage western with a little hippie chick thrown in.  I like it.  So right now I'm all about continuing to grow my hair out and embracing the wave (don't mistake this for curl ... I wish) and I'm on the look out for some western-ish boots (not the boots of 1992, promise) and maybe some silver and turquoise jewelery.  Hmmm ...

Do these ROCK or what?

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