Thursday, August 2, 2012

Um, Heeeeellllooo!

Life is still wacked-out busy, not a lot of time for blogging or much else lately!

HeeHee  So my little sister sends me a random text this morning to inquire about SOMEONE ELSE (nobody with any serious issues).  No, "Hi big sister, how are you?" for me apparently.  Oye!  At some point, when I am 39 and she is 37, do I get to say to her, "Um, heeeeelllooo, I am an entire person unto myself and I have a life and maybe you might want to ask about it!".  Probably not, so I guess it is business as usual.  I know, Pity Party ... Table For One! 

Do you ever just want to stand on your front porch and scream, "Here I am world!  I exist!".  I seem to attract Me, Me, Me people.  I wonder what it is about me ... because I believe that ... I believe that when there is a pattern, there is a reason and some lesson that God (the universe, whatever your belief might be) is trying to teach you.  So, I guess I belong in the corner with the big DUNCE Cap (love that image) because I am just not getting it.  I know, you are playing the world's tiniest violin for me right now ...  much appreciated!

I am going away for the weekend with a good friend and I so need it!  Is a first for me in 8 1/2 years.  I have been away a few times for one night with friends and have traveled a few times for work but have yet to be away from My Guys for an entire weekend simply because I NEED IT.  So, we'll see how it goes .. no worries as The Best Dad Ever can certainly handle the Bubby on his own (Lord knows better than I could) ... just wonder if I will be able to chillax and let go of the guilt. 

Egads, I have issues.  LOL

Ok, whatever.  So!  Here is some random stuff that has captured my fancy as of late ...

Hoopnotica!  I discovered this via Jenny Hunt's website Just Jenny ... Jenny use to be on the show Whatever! with Alexis Stewart (Martha's Daughter).  Um, my gym so needs this!  Actually, and I may be having a dream big moment here, but I have been kicking around the idea of doing some Yoga Teacher Training and trying to teach a little here and there (not as a career, but just 'cause I love it so much) ... but maybe I should do this and try to sell a class or two to my gym?  Hmmm ...

Online Shopping!  Well, actually Online Window Shopping as Hubby put the kibosh on credit card usage for a while ... we've racked up a little bill with this summer's vacations and mini-trips.  However, dude is just gonna have to chillax himself as fall approaches and I need STUFF, people.

The Budget Babe

A Girl Must Shop


Fitness Blogs!  When I finally get a second to zone out, I check these sites out.  Good Stuff.

The Fitnessista

Peanutbutter Fingers

Sweet Tooth - Sweet Life

So I finally moved up the wait list at my library and have Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness!  Woot!  I'm taking it with me this weekend, maybe I'll get to it.  Life is Good!

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