Friday, September 21, 2012

Say Cheese!

Ever wonder where that phrase came from?  Ok, everyone smile and say cheese!  I wonder about stuff like that.  A.  Lot.

Hubby, Bubby and I drove up to Wyoming recently to take in a college football game.  It is always nice, yet bizarre, to be back in those old college stomping grounds.  As much as I love Fall ... I think Fall in Wyoming is unsurpassed ... not sure what it is about being there, but it is just awesome.  Anyway ... at said football game Hubby snapped some pictures.  He got some great shots ... except for the few that I allowed him to snap of me.  I've never really liked having my picture taken.  I could list all the reasons, but I'll spare you.  My braces come off in 6 weeks.  6 weeks!!!!  I've been attempting to smile more as I will have to retrain my brain on this issue .. I have had 39 years of self-consciously avoiding teethy grins, so this is going to be strange for me.  However!  The smile thing isn't so much the issue currently ... lately the reason that I haven't been happy with pictures are up a little on my face.  My Eyes!  OMGosh, let me just tell you that age has not been kind to my ocular area.  I could store cargo in the bags under my eyes.  Terrible.  Weight loss has not helped, either.  I once heard Oprah discussing her weight (yeah, just once ... heehee) and she pointed out that her issue with the scale has provided one great benefit ... when it comes to your face - plump is good!  Ya know, my mom had very few wrinkles at 70 ... hmmm.

I digress.  So, yeah, horrified over the eye bags right now.  Was lamenting this to my very good friend who also happens to be an esthetician and just all around fabulous with hair, makeup, clothes, etc.  She convinced me to shell out the big bucks for some heavy duty eye cream AND to try some different things with my makeup to camouflage and distract from THE ISSUE.  I haven't used eyeliner or mascara under my eyes is AGES ... at some point (maybe clear back in high school) I got some advice that I should only apply liner and mascara on the top.  That's been my routine for years.  Now I'm trying the under eye thing and feeling a little weird with it ... Am I wearing too much?  Am I wearing the right colors (black-brown liner and mascara)?  Should I be lining from corner to corner?

Today I decided to take a few shots and see what I look like in pictures ... drumroll please ...

Seriously ... Botox or Restylane?

I am thinking, wtf is wrong with me? 

TGIF Everyone!  Oye!

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